25th May is celebrated all over the continent as African Union Day. The advent of African Union is arguably described as institutional evolution on the continent.

The process was painstaking thought through to integrate unison and play a rightful role in the global economy. The quest for unity dates back fifty years ago and 25th May is declared a public holiday on the continent.

The African Union is composed of heads of states and governments of duly accredited representatives. The African Union is Africa’s premier institution and principal organisation for the promotion of accredited socio-economic integration of the continent.

As a continental organisation, it focuses on the promotion of peace, security, and stability thus upheavals in some African countries to mention but a few, Mali, Guinea Bissau and the political turmoil in Sudan all culminate to shake the stability of Africa.

As Africa celebrates 50 years of unity, all discerning Africans should hold their heads high as we march on to victory in solidarity.


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