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The Gold Coast cannot be described as the Chinese Coast, American Coast, British Coast or the Australian Coast. Never! Gold Coast (now Ghana), profusely endowed with precious gold, has been an independent country since March 6, 1957, and that is what it will remain forever and ever.

The whole world has been tagged a ?global village? yet no country allows the citizens of other countries to easily enter into its territory unless visas have been granted by the host country ? following the application for the visa, payment of a fee and interview at the outfit of the consular of the host nation. Even then it is not a 100 percent assurance that the journey will come on. Applicants could be ?bounced? (refused entry) without refund of the fee.

How then do we always work under the conditions of other countries? The World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) always bulldoze their way onto the econo-political scene of Ghana and other countries and dictate to those countries how the leaders should govern the people, manage their individual country?s resources, impose taxes on the citizenry, supply them with drinking water, place embargo on employment, among other measures.

Using the proceeds from major export commodities like timber, cocoa, gold, diamond, manganese and now oil, as well as food items, on infrastructure and other developmental projects could even be put on hold as and when the powers-that-be decide.

Fifty-seven years of self-government, and Ghana, the pacesetter and beautiful country placed in a strategic position on the earth by God,  has been torn into shreds economically by our political leaders ? past and present ? some international institutions, to mention but a few, ?while we stand aside and LOOK.? (Courtesy the legendary reggae maestro, Bob Marley of blessed memory)..

?Galamsey?, a term which in the Ghanaian parlance means illegal mining, has rendered our water bodies useless and undrinkable. Farmlands, what used to be virgin forests, villages and townships where the youth believe there is gold, have all been turned into mining areas without looking back at the consequences.

A while ago, some callous people took their unquenchable thirst for gold mining to the Cape Coast beach in the Central Region.

It is very sad to fathom how some Ghanaian chiefs, politicians, opinion leaders and other individuals act as secret conduits for the illegal miners, particularly the Chinese immigrants, for monetary gains.

These Chinese have the audacity to be wielding all types of lethal weapons and use Alsatian dogs to threaten the local people. You dare not go near areas they have occupied because money has exchanged hands.

What used to be a beautiful Ghana is no longer the case today. Care must be taken otherwise, we shall cause a great deal of harm to ourselves as we will not be able to leave any legacy for posterity.


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