The minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr Owusu Afiriyie Akoto has disclose​ that government will by next year end the importation of soya into the country but rather produce our own soya to help poultry production .

He also added that, the 375 milion monies the country spends on importing poultry produce into the country will soon end, such that poultry in the country will be well taken care of by given them good feed for proper and safe production for dissemination.


Dr. Akoto Owusu Afiriyie made the assertion at the Launching of the Ghana cattle Ranching Project and the inauguration of national committee members of the Ghana cattle ranching project .

According to him the launching of the project is to tap into the knowledge of the Fulanis by adding value into the livestock.

The project he said is under the auspices of the ministry of food and Agriculture and the food security. He was quick to say that, the Fulanis are not enemies but rather aliens amongst us.

In a related story, Imam Hanasi Sonde, Chairman of the Ghana National Association of cattle farmers also express concern about this initiative and the importance farmers will stand to derive. According to him, the project will ensure Fulani heads men desist from any violence.

Present at the Launch to grace it, was the Minister dor National Security Affairs, Hon. Albert Kan Dapah.

By:Sammy Adjei/