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ACCORDING to media reports, this is the third time former deputy Attorney-General (A-G) and former Attorney-General of Ghana, Martin Amidu, has spoken out about the Woyome scandal and blamed the Mills administration for either doing nothing about it or going about it too slow. Publicly, Amidu spoke about the matter for the first time when he was A-G (2012). He spoke of “gargantuan crimes” committed by persons in the NDC or Mills administration and left no one in doubt he was referring to the payment of GH¢51 million to Alfred Agbesi Woyome for no work done for Ghana.

EVEN back then a section of the NDC, led by newspapers chained to the party, accused of and lambasted him for stabbing his own party in the back.  Subsequent to that public statement, President Mills invited Amidu, and we on Today know of the hot exchanges between them at that cabinet meeting. Amidu stood his ground not to back away from the matter, so the president dismissed him. And few weeks later he issued a public warning his intra-party critics not to push him or…

SIX days ago, Amidu was back in the news.  This time he bemoaned the slow pace of the Woyome trial before the High Court, criticised the A-G’s office for not pursuing the matter with lacklustre zeal, and accused a so-called “NDC legal team” of responsibility for the disarray at the A-G’s Department. Amidu categorically called on President Mills to pursue the case and retrieve the GH¢51 million from Woyome for Ghana. Several times, he argued that someone was killed over ¢50,000.00 (simplistically, GH¢50,000.00) and that GH¢51 million is too much of an amount for us to dilly-dally over.

THEN on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 several NDC activists called into radio programmes lambasting Amidu for making that statement. While one commented he was “doing skin pain” because he is peeved from being sacked by President Mills, another accused him of washing his party’s (NDC’s) dirty linen in public.

FIRST of all, we on Today recognise the cheap propaganda talk that side-steps the principled stand Amidu has taken in the interest of Ghana to dwell on sacking him as the reason why he speaks out. But putting both comments into perspective, we are compelled to ask: Which aspect of the Woyome scandal is NDC’s dirty linen? Is it the GH¢ 51 million paid out to Woyome as judgement debt for no work done? Is it the former A-G, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, who, according to the position taken by the Mills administration listened to “wrong advice” and paid out monies she knew should not be paid? Or is it the Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, who according to press reports, demanded due diligence into the request to pay the GH¢51 million, and yet paid it without seeing that due diligence?

WELL, Mrs. Iddrisu and Dr. Duffuor were appointed by Mills, but the former was and the latter is a Minister of the Republic of Ghana, in which capacities they were not working for the NDC. Two, the GH¢51 million that was wrongfully paid out to Woyome is Ghana’s money. Therefore, we on Today must state categorically that the Woyome matter has nothing to do with the NDC.  And Martin Amidu, though a member of the NDC, is, in this matter, speaking as a citizen of Ghana.

IF those talking about NDC’s dirty linen are not worried about schools under trees and broken down equipment at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, then they should leave Amidu alone to fight for getting back our money. We are worried about those development issues and more, and will forever encourage Amidu in the path he has taken as a citizen vigilante.

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