paedae1 Paedae of R2Bees and Sandra Ankobiah are dating? paedae1

They have denied it on several occasions but Ghanaian socialite and TV host, Sandra Ankobiah, and R2bees? Paedae may have given away their biggest hint that they could be an item yet! On Tuesday night, Sandra posted a photo on instagram wearing what appeared to be a bikini saying, ?Tuesday night?. and Smeagol!?On a similar timeline, Paedae also posted a photo of himself getting cosy in a fur duvet cover. So what is the fuzz? Both pictures had the same dog in it, and the dog was on a similar couch in both pictures. Late night swimming, wine (champagne) and comfy duvet?you do the maths. Maybe it was a scene from an upcoming music video. Let?s wait and see. Paedae later removed his photo. But not before Inspector Ameyaw had screenshot it..haha!Sandra recently denied rumours of dating Paedae on the ?Hanging Out With KOD? show saying:?I love R2bees and what they present. Looking at where they came from and where they are now I think it?s a huge deal, it?s an inspiration for a lot of people and I like what they are about.?

Paedae of R2Bees and Sandra Ankobiah are dating? PAEDAE

?I?ve heard rumors but I love those guys I think they are great. I love their music?I love what they are about, what they stand for.. and they are from Tema, I?m from Tema it?s a TM thing?, she added.

When she was asked if that was where she met Paedae she quickly replied saying ?R2bees is huge, it?s not just Paedae?.Sign up to our newsletter today



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