To accept bribery and political corruption;
To accept social inequality and injustice;
To accept social mobility and access to jobs
Based on party and personal “connections,”
Based on “protocol” from higher offices,
Because they’ve become part of our society,
Is a sign of giving up on the future of our motherland.

How can you walk between the Slums and Dreamworlds;
How can you walk in the streets of Zongos and East Legon;
And not have a sense of shame being indebted to Ghana?
To be indifferent to the social ills crippling Ghana,
By having the courage to say “This is Ghana for you”
Is in denial of your Ghanaianness and responsibility.

To blind yourself to the street children’s plight
Because they were born to the “wrong” parents;
To say you are not here to worry about Ghana’s needs;
To watch out for your own and yet demand her protection;
To forego responsibilities to her and claim her privileges,
Is to profess love and allegiance to a decaying carcass.

I know Ghana is in a bad state.
Yet, everything will become still worse,
Unless each of us does his or her best.
No important issue can be fully
Understood through a single lens.
The problems of Ghana are too many for one person to solve,
However gifted or powerful; even with the best intention.

Each of us has to do something,
However small to repair and redeem our motherland.
Every one of us has a responsibility–
An accountability to do little things,
However small in order to make Ghana,
Our mother, a little bit more the country
We individually wish in our collective hearts.

Individuals can no longer supply their needs through
Their own unaided efforts, but rather must depend on
The cooperation of others– the support of you and me.
Let’s learn to set aside our selfish interests
In favor of equality of opportunity for all,
A chance in life, regardless of family background.

We cannot assume to live in the comfort of our homes;
We cannot afford to be lawyers without dedication to justice;
We cannot neglect to be doctors without reverence to human life;
We cannot indulge in teaching without concern for students;
We cannot bear to be police officers without respect for human rights;
We can no longer be drivers without responsibility and discipline.

We cannot solely look up to politicians to solve our problems;
People who promise to do good end up playing party politics.
Trying to make changes becomes a sure way to get into trouble.
To enjoy their political favors and political positions,
They result to loving their parties more and not Ghana.
This chain of events does not have to be Ghana for us.

Saying “This is Ghana for you” precludes hopelessness.
It is an acceptance of the injustice and corruption;
Making all of us architects of this social calamity.
For when a fly does not get up off a dead body,
It is buried with it; she is sick but not yet dead.
With our devotion and love, she would be healed

We cannot merely pray to God to help Ghana,
For He has given us the resources and the mind!
If only we would use them beneficially and selflessly!
If only we’d learn to be considerate and compassionate
In creating a Ghana our grandchildren will be thankful for

Saying “This is Ghana for you” approves the narcissism creed
Play the fool by watching out for your own interest,
And you will never feel safe within the walls of your home.
Continue to flee your societal given responsibilities
And the hopeless and hungry would force you to feed them.
Continue to give your political voice to fools,
And nepotism would replace learning certificates.

Source: Dominic Mensah,
Berlin, Germany.


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