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Ghana?s President John Mahama: The First 100 Days

John Mahama -became President when his boss died in 2012 and now Elected President

John Mahama -became President when his boss died in 2012 and now Elected President

 Now that we have a functioning government, here are some basic things that I believe can be accomplished in the first 100 days from inauguration.

 Office of the Inspector General?Fraud Reduction (Not prevention)

?          An independent office of Inspector General responsible for curbing fraud should be set-up.  Such a person should be appointed by a parliamentary committee and answerable to parliament.  He should be responsible for ensuring the tenets of accountability and probity in government.

Council of Innovators

?          The Council of Innovators should be appointed by the government.  Membership should be non-paying and voluntary to help government integrate across its value stream.  This should mirror the Council of State that although enshrined in the constitution is useless at best (in my opinion).  I propose that membership include Ghanaians Home and Abroad.

Education Relevance Act

The council of innovators can help government develop an educational strategy that has relevance to our national aspirations.  Two key areas that I see are as follows:

a.     Consolidation of Educational Resources

b.     Leadership and Managerial Core Competency Development

?      Having multiple universities across all regions with diminished competencies, resources and redundant administration does not augur with national development.  Develop a university system with concentrated competencies so that resources can be effectively used.

Strategic Regional Coordination

Work with regional countries within the ECOWAS framework to collaborate on the following initiatives:

c.      Educational

d.     Joint Research

e.     Joint Security

f.      Space Exploration

?      Countries within this framework can share expertise in multiple areas.  Some listed above. The details can be defined based on the engagement.  I am sure it is cheaper to train a Petroleum Engineer in Nigeria than in Dundee.  It is cheaper to train someone in French in Togo and Portuguese in Cape Verde than elsewhere.  These are cost measures.  Without such collaborations ECOWAS itself become completely useless.

ICT Implementation Act

Government business and services has to be fully integrated into an IT framework.  We should pilot run for instance driver license registration across the country.  This would reduce the lawlessness on the roads and ghost names in the system.  This system should be developed locally with systems requirements reflecting the realities of our society.  Off-shelf systems are difficult to customize for situations that were unintended.

Center for Inter-Ministerial Coordination National Planning

?      I have previously discussed this as part of the Malay strategy.  This will reduce judgment debt and centralized government priorities.  The inspector general of fraud can easily oversight this.

g.     National Procurement Center

h.     National Office of Transactions and Negotiation

National Employment Mobilization Program

?      There is so much indiscipline at home that it can be commercialized.  Vehicle Inspection Bureaus, Roadworthy Assessment Centers, Revamping MTU, etc.  Government can solve indiscipline the same way alcohol was legalized in the US.  Human frailties cannot be eliminated they be punished or commercialized.   In the same vein the drug problem in America would only be solved through legalization.  Increase fines on infraction and let the police and judges ?physically? keep substantial portions of fine.  In other words, a policeman would be inclined to bring someone to vehicle court for $100 profit than to take a bride of $10.  Not a perfect solution but a realistic one nevertheless.

National Industrialization Strategy

?      One of the first tasks of the Innovation Council will be to help the government draft an industrialization strategy.  This would facilitate and effectively the works of outfits such as SADA, CSIR, KNUST, etc.

Re-Orientation of Foreign Missions in National Development

?    I am not sure why we have so many missions.  Most are useless and can be consolidated.  Additionally, in areas where STATISTICS show a concentration of Ghanaian or Africa communities, Agric liaison officers posted in these missions could development joint partnerships with local African business people to facilitate import of Ghanaian produce.  Our farmers will benefit and our mission houses would be representing our people not tribal enclaves.  I buy my plantains from a country store.

Personal Responsibility Act?Self-Explanatory

Homes?We should revive ?Tangacy.? (or ?Tankase?, meaning ?Town Council? Inspectors).   Although my maternal grandfather died prematurely working in this vein, there is still opportunity here to make an impact in the healthcare arena.  Again ensure that fines are hefty and profit-sharing.  This will create jobs for Health Inspectors.

?      Meat Factories?A typical butcher shop looks like a murder scene.  Health inspectorate will create jobs and ensure that we are not eating vulture meat.


Dr. Fred David McBagonluri is CEO FANO Technologies Group, a medical devices and pharmacy systems company in NJ.  He held various roles in Strategy, Marketing and R&D in Fortune 500 medical devices companies including Becton Dickinson and Co (BD Medical) in NJ, USA and Siemens Healthcare. He holds a MBA and is a Sloan Fellow from MIT and PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Dayton, and BS & MS in Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering from Central State University and Virginia Tech, respectively. He also holds Executive Certificates in Leadership and Management, is a 2009 finalist NASA Astronaut Corps, 2008 New Jersey Innovator Hero and 2008 US Black Engineer of the Year: Most Promising Scientist. He is the author of 6 novels, one leadership book and holds 47 US/EU/WO patents.


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