From the inception of President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, the crusade and war against corruption has constituted the major focus of government, out of the leading four-point agenda of the administration.

Corrupt public officers have under this dispensation, used the tools of tribe and religion to arouse sentiments from like minds across the country in attempt to justify their corrupt act and possibly evade prosecution. Many of such public office holders who were arrested by security agencies for prosecution, have claimed or created the impression that they are being persecuted because of the part of the country they hail from or religion they belong to.

At the recent Aviation Round Table (ART) Quarterly Business Breakfast Meeting, an airline operator narrated how despite his role in pursuit of peace and unity of Nigeria over the years, deliberate efforts were made to frustrate his ambition of owning an airline at the inception, for reasons that the then opponents of his ambition attributed to his tribe.

The Honourable Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who was at the event used the opportunity to try to put things in the right perspective and correct the prevailing perception of many Nigerians as regards the nation’s heterogeneous nature.
“The variety of tribes in Nigeria is not the problem. There is a particular tribe in Nigeria today that is giving us problems. That tribe is very united. That tribe is called The Corruption Tribe,” he explained.

The Honourable Minister was right. Indigenes of the corruption tribe in today’s Nigeria are drawn from all the existing tribes and religions in the country. They are doing everything within their capacity to destroy the anti-corruption vision of the present administration. They are highly populated amidst the Nigerian populace.

Indigenes of Nigeria’s corruption tribe are many and this piece wishes to identify some of them. Those who exploit loopholes in Nigeria’s laws and ensure endless adjournment of high profile cases of corruption like that of Sambo Dasuki, Bukola Saraki, El zazaki, and others are indigenes of this corruption tribe.

The recent House of Representatives sponsor of a Bill for an Act seeking to grant amnesty to former public officers who have looted Nigeria’s treasury, is an indigene of Nigeria’s corruption tribe. The bill if eventually passed into law, would grant amnesty to past and present public officers who have looted the treasury, and other Nigerians with fraudulently acquired wealth if they voluntarily declare their loots and invest same in the economy.

State Governors who refuse to sign death sentences after they have been awarded to convicts by the law courts, including the Supreme Court of Nigeria are indigenes of Nigeria’s corruption tribe. Politicians who had corruption cases in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but crossed over to the All Peoples Congress (APC) to escape arrest and prosecution are indigenes of the Corruption Tribe of Nigeria.

The insiders in the security agencies who leak to suspects, information of imminent arrest or raid of their houses are indigenes of the United Corruption Tribe of Nigeria. Nepotism is the worse form of corruption. Those who discriminate in the arrest of criminals by protecting members of a particular tribe whole making arrests or prosecution are also indigenes of the Corruption Tribe of Nigeria.

Religious leaders who exploit their members financially, and even motivate them to commit fraud, provided they bring returns in form of offerings, belong to the evil tribe under discuss.
Political godfathers who sponsor and plant political office holders in office through rigged elections, under an agreement to loot public funds while in office and make monthly returns to them, also belong to the corruption tribe. Politicians who during electioneering campaigns promise the electorates one thing or the other and begin to deny those promises on assumption of office, are indigenes of the corruption tribe.

Civil servants who educate ministers and commissioners on how best to steal from public purse when they assume office are in this corruption tribe. Those who believe that it is not possible to have access to public funds and refrain from diverting part of it to themselves are not just in the corruption tribe. They are the bane of Nigeria’s progress.

Relatives of public office holders who pressurize such officials to loot public treasury and bring home their share of the national cake are indigenes of the corruption tribe. How about administrative personnel who sit on files of retirees and even colleagues, impeding payment of pensions and promotions of fellow Nigerians because they refuse to, or lack the resources to offer bribes? Such personnel belong to the corruption tribe.

The sophisticated rifles used by alleged Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram members to kill and maim innocent citizens are not manufactured in Nigeria’s environment. Sponsors or facilitators of purchase and importation of such deadly weapons for their selfish gains are indigenes of the Corruption Tribe of Nigeria.

The commercial bus driver who suddenly jerks up his fare and puts commuters at his mercy because of sudden change in whether condition, as well as the market woman who cheats her customer in measurement of products being sold, are indigenes of the Corruption Tribe of Nigeria. The landlord who deliberately builds a house for rent without toilets and yet, charges full rents is an indigene of this evil tribe.

Indigenes of the corruption tribe of Nigeria are too numerous to mention in one piece. However, every Nigerian needs to make a resolution. “If I am an indigene of The Corruption Tribe of Nigeria, I must denounce my indigenship immediately in the interest of Nigeria’s future.”