Prince David
Prince David

According to Ghanaian Actor-Prince David Osei who recently appeared on the Fashion Tv Show-Fashion101 in Ghana, most of the Louis Vuitton bags the Ghanaian ladies carry are all FAKE. And I am sure he was talking about his follow actresses/industry persons.

On the show, Prince David Osei mentioned that ?You see some people carrying designer stuff but most are replicas. A lot of ladies carry Louis Vuitton but most are replicas. It?s good to go for a brand that you can afford the original instead of an imitation?.

As to why he wears shades (or sunglasses) all the time, he answered ?even in church I wear sunglasses. I wear them at night too. I see people but they don?t see me?. REALLY?

?The sunglasses I?m wearing now (referring to the one he wore on set) is called Cazal. It was first endorsed by Jay Z and it costs 800 quid (800 pounds)?.

When he was asked what designer label he would gladly spend money on, Prince David Osei said: ?I prefer shopping from places like Zara, H&M, Macy?s etc. The most expensive fashion item I have ever bought is my tuxedo. I bought it from Zara?.

He also revealed on the show that his father is a famous designer??I am saying this for the first time on TV; my dad is a designer, FAME designs? he said.

If a crab comes out of the water to tell you that the crocodile is dead and you still want to doubt it, then good for you?LOL

Whenever you see these Ghanaian celebrities and non-celebrities holding those Louis Vuitton bags, remember MOST of them are Replicas and have no value?

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