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Fellow Ghanaians, it is rather unexpected and unprecedented that we should have a leader who is an associate tax law professor with an equally legal brain, Paul Tawiah Quaye, as the top brass of the Police Service, yet we have countrymen and women thrown into custody without the necessary due legal process that should send both civil and criminal cases to the law courts for determination. Since the promulgation of the 1992 Constitution perhaps, no other government has shown total disrespect of it than the present one that has a tax law professor as the top executive. Apparently, they have thrown it to the dogs; the police system act anyhow with contempt and total disrespect for same. Even though my parents were not in existence to have taught me some of the events relating to both the Dark and Stone Ages, yet what we witness these days in respect of the police performance of their duties; be it operations, administra -tion or whatever, that needs to be restructured could better be described as unsurpassed since the era of Mr. Erasmus Reginald Teye Madjitey, as the first Ghanaian Commissioner of Police. Successive governments have, however, tried to establish healthy and congenial atmosphere to enable them operate as decent public institution like the advanced economies.


However, some bad nuts within the Service, mostly alleged to have been the PDC/WDC/CDO elements and thugs suspected to have been recruited during the PNDC/NDC transition into the Ghana Police had succeeded to yield positive results to paint the police black. That mad rush to absorb the incorrigible persons into the fine institution has brought untold hardship in the police corps. If the hierarchy of the Service had respect for human existence and the rule of law, the dastard and brutish butchering of political opponents at Agbobloshie, a suburb of Accra in broad daylight, would have seen the justice it deserves but not, and only God knows why. The incarceration of persons believed to be opponents of people in authority to ‘show them where power lies’ are catalogue of events that has discredited and dented their image and not until the Police Council chaired by H.E. Vice Pres. John Mahama looked for the whip to strike and give lashes where it was due, believe me, some of members of the Police Administration, partisan as they are now, with the aim of catching the eye of government to gain swift ‘political’ promotion and earn commensurate fat pensions on retirement, do not give a dime to act professionally no matter the hue and cry and public outcry or sentiments. Madam Rita, are you alive to your responsibilities as a professional policewoman devoid of partisanship? Hmm. I do not envisage the time the Service would ever have professionals like the late “Aban” who carved a niche for himself while alive and even post-humously. Some of them would never ever move into action to save the marred reputation to further prevent it from sinking aground. Typical examples and victims which the police flouted the 1992 Constitution to sing their master’s voice to further deepen their woes and/or reduce their respect were Hon. Asamoah Boateng versus the police, Oheneba Ntim Barimah of Oman FM’s ‘’Ahintasem” fame versus Dr. Opuni’s FDB, Ernest Owusu Bempah, Director of Operations for FONKAR and the “Gargantuan Episode” versus the Police, Kinapharma versus the Police, Hon. O.B. Amoah versus the Police (whilst the actual actors/actresses -Dr. Kwabena Dufuor, Betty Mould Iddrisu and Ebo Barton Odro directly involved – have been left to walk about freely) and Kobby Acheampong versus the MTTU Police as a result of which some are still on interdiction. In view of the prevailing economic circumstances worldwide in particular and Ghana in general, one wonders whether the Police Council/ Administration still under the direct chairmanship of Veep John Mahama are aware of how the spouses feign for themselves – their children’s school fees, subsistence, astronomical utility bills, other social responsibilities etc. Madam Semanhyia of Semanhyia Herbal Products of Kasoa versus Dr. Opuni’s Food and Drugs Board fame and the chastisement of business concerns in Kumasi et cetera are just but a few. Several armed robberies nationwide have been very successful with the purported active connivance of the police miscreants mostly supplying arms and ammo and oftentimes involving some of the bad nuts themselves and to date, nothing has been heard about their “looking into it” investigations. The arrest of cocaine suspects, the grant of bail instead of being on remand and their exhibits turning to ‘kokonte’ and caustic soda etc. in police custody before they are publicly displayed as exhibits in the courts (because to them, they did not come to Accra just to watch the sea-waves) are very glaring examples of police complicity but who has the guts to cough in Ghana about them.
Does the Police Administration want to be given a quarter of a century to look into simple but particular cases like the Agbobloshie butchering of political opponents, the Kobby Acheampong versus the police issue and the NPP activists from Yendi/Karaga electoral issues? The list is endless. Shame, isn’t it? How long did it take the police to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of ‘Rambo’, the Tae kwae do Constable Owusu Sekyere and friend who were killed and buried under the river bed at Anyaa some 15 years ago? Again, most expatriate business concerns from say, Lebanon, India, China etc. do not fear and have respect for our police, because once they have some little money to dish out, there was virtually no civil or criminal case that would ever warrant their arrest, detention and prosecution or determination of their involved criminality at the courts except in a few cases and circumstances where the State has some little interest before we see them in action. Where are the Supt. Kwesi Oforis and the DSP Cephas Arthurs? Is Kwesi still vocal and vociferous in the service at Kumasi Tafo Pankrono as he used to be in Accra or has been cowed into submission or public ignominy? Are they still in the Service and pursuing further courses in intuitive ‘lies and deceit’ of the public to expunge and/or exonerate the Police from performing their official legitimate functions? The above examples are chronology of events that have diminished the little respect and faith people have for them because the fact that one bad nut spoils thirty means that if they are unable to toe the constitutional lines, so be it, but the juicy perks that could have been in wait for some of them like Mr. Apeatu from international bodies and associations for the top echelon when they retired would never materialize. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg and hope readers will squeeze and spare some of their precious time to read along while the subsequent revelations keep exposing some of the “hidden treasures.” Please endeavour to exercise restraint, ponder seriously and solemnly memorize some of the salient points why his tenure is all that unprecedented to transform him into a ‘robot’ speaking leader.
• Countrymen, the unprecedented characteristic envy and jealousy that was expressly exhibited by the president at the recent past State of the Nation Address over his panic-stricken stance regarding the gigantic and gargan -tuan Ashanti Project has unleashed fear and panic to all Ashantis who own big time projects in Ghana. Meanwhile, this untimely semantic and rather unguarded tribal statement could lead to cabinet proposal to sabotage their business operations and possible confiscation. How come that he used that fine platform to cast unnecessary insinuations and vituperations when there was no need for that emotional statement and since then nobody (not even an ‘ant’ from the Council of State membership as counsel for the presidency) has raised an eyebrow to caution him. Vide Prov.6:6.
• It is an unprecedented phenomenon that Prof. Mills is the record holder for fielding such unthinkable, unprecedented and ‘unprintable’ names of unprincipled persons as his Team B members to run government hence the fury from the Rawlingses.
• It is unthinkable and unprecedented again that Ghana has all available natural and human resources unmatched anywhere in the sub-region probably even on the continent yet should be plagued with the self-inflicted high rate of poverty.
• It is terribly unprecedented that under Pres. Mills, Ghana has some 12% of our girls getting pregnant now before age 19 and this should be traced to unemployment.
• It is unprecedented that under Prez. Mills, the Police Service, under Paul Tawiah Quaye, Esq., a legal luminary, operates a system akin to the behavioral instincts of the Stone Age era and one wonders whether Ghana exists as a country in either the Stone or Dark Age.
• It is quite unprecedented, you mark my word, that history will be written about Ghana in future about that day i.e. Tuesday, March 13, 2012, when two security agencies got entangled in fisticuffs at the very Gateway of Ghana, on arrival of Prez. Mills from the U.S. at Kotoka Airport, where, allegedly, several millions would have to be used/wasted (at the expense of the tax-payer) to replace the damaged portions of the beautiful edifice when the beastly brutish behaviour of some security personnel were at play to show supremacy. Silly, isn’t it?
• It is uniquely unprecedented in Africa that it is only Prez. Mills, who does not shy away from lies and deceit, (vide Kwesi Pratt’s Insight newspaper of Nov. 4, 2000 issue or thereabout) could lie between his teeth for position, has the guts to request Ghanaians again for re-election.
• It is naturally unprecedented that the NDC under Prof. Mills thrives more on credulity; otherwise his appointees, such as Fiifi Kwetey, who lied that ex-President Kufuor had sold all the gold reserves (gold bars) lodged with the Bank of Ghana prior to Election 2008 are the pleasurable bed-fellows he admires.
• It is unprecedented that due to Prof. Mills’ avowed credulous character, has equally nominated HE Victor Smith (for lies about Prez. Kufuor re the oil deal that besmeared him of $5 bn. debt which the victim could not absolve himself from blame until lately that he was vindicated by the same ‘Judas Iscariot’ when he appeared before a parliamentary vetting committee for consideration by them for the portfolio of Eastern Regional minister and also to embark on the ‘suicide mission’ to secure more presidential votes for his benefactor.
• Is it true that birds of the same feather flock together or only a hoax? By his own admission of guilt before a parliamentary vetting committee and tele -vised for viewing by the whole world for peddling lies about former President John Kufuor, Victor Smith personally strikes off his own diplo -matic immunity to an ignominious one instantly.
• However, this admission of guilt on the television screens would send bad signals about our diplomats not only to Serbia Montenegro but would obviously beam and denigrate any special respect that was accorded him and repudiate others worldwide and this is an unprecedented scenario – the lying teeth of an ignominious diplomat.
• And Fiifi Kwetey too, a protégé of the Mills’s Administration, has earned the Ghanaian version of ‘laureate’ for international lies peddling and deceit of public officials, yet, the likes are those he, the president, pats shoulders everyday for their shameful acts and goes on to tell them, well done boys!
• It is unprecedented that the chickens have come home to roost because HE Mills’s posture is reminiscent of his past record for not wronging friends and admirers otherwise, he should have used the whip and given the marching orders to both Ebo Barton Odro and Betty Mould Iddrisu long ago before Betty discreetly sneaked out from the fold. What a shame. The least said about Dr. Dufuor’s involvement (who, allegedly, does not take official salary) and complicity in the gargantuan fraud of international dimension, the better readers would save their breath and calm nerves.
• Could it be a truism that because of his alleged percentage from the gargantuan fraud that is why he has opted not to take salary as a minister of state? Well, Adanko wants to find out because a day will come to find out the unprecedented reasons.
• Is it not unprecedented that the national kitty purported to be empty and placated by the NDC government on assumption of office was able to cough some Gh?51m from nowhere to pay the world acclaimed Ghanaian fraudster of the millennium?
• It would be unprecedented for an African president like Prof. Mills to have relinquished his position as president voluntarily in a whirlwind manner because his recent pronouncements at the rally grounds i.e. ‘those disap -pointed Ghanaians in life will remain disappointed’ clearly illustrates misdemeanor and repugnant stance and suggests that he would not resign today or tomorrow and was ready for an impeachment process. He does not dream nor think about that at all because as the Fantes jovially put it, ‘ibi a, oka nyimpa bi wo ho a, sebe wohohor wenyim ko sor no ho bi’.
• It is unambiguously unprecedented in the history of the whole wide world that apart from Prez. Atta Mills, there is nobody (not even Shylock of old) who would decide to sideline his mentor and benefactor ex-President Rawlings to the garbage, who, amidst protestations and vehemence at the Swedru Declaration, strongly rejected the persuasions of his party men to impose him on them, yet he has played the part of Brutus or in the domestic parlance, like a fowl that brushes its beak to the left and right directions on the ground to portray to other birds and mammals that it has not eaten at all.
• It is again unprecedented that in spite of all the prevailing circumstances and hardships in the country, Prof. Mills has the guts to castigate and infuriate Ghanaians that those who are disappointed in life will remain disappointed – reference his speech at the Mantse Agbona rally – Saturday, March 11, 2012, time – 17.12GMT. Does he think he could practice voodoo or hypnotism and hypnotize some of us and take us for fools and idiots all the time?
• Preaching virtues and practising vice – he called for peace pipe smoking and within 24 hours, his aide, Nii Lante Vanderpuye’s thugs struck at opponents political meeting at Odododiodio to cause mayhem despite several genuine complaints that had been lodged with the James Town Police. No way, not this time round! We are awake. Once bitten, twice shy they say.
• It is an unprecedented fact that, in Prof’s own words, he is the only one who delights in denigrating and devaluing his name for Gh?1.00 – why reduce and depreciate the presidency to such an unappreciable level and public ridicule?
• Despite the unprecedented record-breaking government under Prof. Mills, the second-cycle schools in the three Northern Regions are in arrears of their school feeding subventions for two terms that have led to closure of same because the Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Dufuor, was reportedly away from Ghana; and even if that deceitful assertion by Lee Ocran had an atom of truth, couldn’t anybody have taken responsibility to cushion the CHASS to sustain themselves instead of endorsing the closure?
• After all, did Mahama Ayariga’s unprecedented $44m world wall maps purchase go through any laid down Procurement Bill procedure when, in fact there was no substantive sector minister then?
• It is Prof. Mills’ Education Minister, Lee Ocran, who would goof and lie to the whole world about the non-payment of the feeding fees by govern -ment. Wasn’t that loose talk and gimmick an unprecedented development?
• Is it not incredibly unprecedented that Prof Mills’ agent, Dr. Opuni, CEO of Food & Drugs Board and Omanhene of that little kingdom palace off the Independence Avenue, Accra, would chase reputable pharmaceutical companies like Kinapharma, Semanhyia Herbal Products, Oheneba Ntim Barimah et cetera and their agents purely out of sheer envy for hard work?
• Is it not unprecedented that according to Mahama Ayariga, Deputy Education Minister, it is his government alone that would enter into a dubious loan agreement with 29% interest rate from NDK for purchase of the world wall maps? Record breaker in Africa?
• Did readers hear Ayariga on air and noticed the vast and gargantuan increase in the final cost price for a 3-room unit and 6-room block for basic schools in the Upper Region and the rest of the country? Is it not historic -ally unprecedented?
• Furthermore, is it not an undeniable fact and very unprecedented that the President admires such charlatans and bedfellows like the types of Fiifi Kwetey, Nii Lante Vanderpuije, the self-styled ‘Odododioodioo Banku’ and ‘Stubborn Cat’ of Accra; Victor Smith, whose citation is the celebrated inter -national diamond medalist for Ghana 2007 and Awardee of the Companion of the Order of Volta (Civil Division) for lies and deceit of Public Officials in Ghana 2007, Omane Boama, Kobby Acheampong, Peter Boamah Otukunor, Solomon Nkansah and the Benyiwa Does, etc.?
• As one tourist commented at the Kotoka Airport departure lounge recently, “as for African politicians and incumbency, the more corrupt a party man was, the more insulting a minister was, rather coincidentally, the much more the president, corruptible than his peers and subordinates, intentionally throws big invitations to such conduits to the kitchen table with the sole aim of expecting the fair share of the booty which he/she could not avail him/herself for the decent percentage but would be supportive of that evil deal in spirit.”
• Invariably, are these men not the same persons who receive the ‘well done’ pats on the shoulders from the unprecedented president for maligning their opponents, because, as it were, if the boss were not in the know and privy to the uncouth behaviour, he would, for once, have come out to chastise them in public?
• It is unusually unimaginable, unprecedented that a minister of state, to be precise, Baba Jamal, deputy minister of Tourism, (still at post) could hypno -tize and sit some media practitioners down in Tamale (when he was at the Information Ministry) to give them tutorials on falsehood that any publication by the print or electronic from their outfit should always be praiseworthy and exaggerated to lend credence to the master’s voice i.e. if the president commissioned a KVIP, they should be amplified on their airwaves or print or electronic network that the president commissioned the Job 600 building, i.e. the State House in Accra; if he commissions the George Walker Bush M1 motorway, they should state that he did commission the Birmingham “Spaghetti Circle” in England; whenever the president donated a fowl to a needy family at Bunkpurugu Yoyoo up north, they should also publish that he offered a turkey or an ostrich; a goat for a cow, a sheep for a hippopotamus. If he commissions a 6-room unit classroom block at Garu-Tempane district within the Bawku Municipality, they should amplify that he commissioned the Cambridge University in England; any sod-cutting for a university at any place, it was imperative and incumbent upon them to misinform the public that he had commissioned the Oxford University, even though everybody knows that Oxford University is in England and nowhere else can one locate such a university. Then again, if the president flew in a helicopter to Paga to commission a, b, c, d project, where, in fact, a jet aircraft cannot land there except for a chopper, their duty was to continue to misinform the people via radio and confuse the readers that he flew on board a concord (the fastest commercial aircraft) knowing very well that the concord aircraft can’t land anywhere in Ghana first, because of its speed and, second, because of the length of the runways. Such a personality is continuously being propped up and being spared the big whip. Incredibly unprecedented! The situation at the Tamale media encounter became such an unprecedented scenario to warrant a swift reshuffle to another soft spot to save the face of the government information machinery with the quick replacement of John Akologo Tia for Fritz Baffoe to end the relay for a possible bronze.
• The recent events in Ghana unequivocally are unprecedented to the extent that prior to Candidate Mills becoming president, stood at the roof-tops to shout hoarse above his natural voice to tell Ghanaians that if he was voted to power, he would reduce the price of fuel drastically, put so much money into the pockets of Ghanaians etc. But Ghanaians and readers should be the best judges when his cohorts flatly and vehemently denied this assertion attributed to the president. Incredibly credulous.
• Then what about the filth that had engulfed the capital city of Accra? Did he not say that by the count of his first 100 days in office it would become a thing of the past? How did he set the questions and how did he mark himself? Did he really deserve the 80% excellent mark? Unprecedented indeed!
• Is it not strange and unprecedented that under President Mills, his BNI outfit allegedly tortured a pregnant lady, Selina, to death while in custody? What has become out of the latest investigations and progress of this cruel and mysterious incident? Is it being swept under the carpet and ignored because she was not a minister Iddrisu Fuseini’s late wife? Mind you, she was someone’s wife. She had blood in her. She would have had one vote just as everybody else if she were alive. Hmm.
• The least talked about the involvement of the Deputy Regional Minister for Brong Ahafo in the death of one Nyame Kwame of Sankore/Goaso, the much better. Do readers know that the minister’s hatchet man was found by the police hiding under the bed at his Sakumono Estate residence? Is this also not unprecedented that he still keeps him as his stock in trade and darling boy at Sunyani? Why the chronic selective judgment in Mills’ Ghana?
• Could the friendship between Obama and Mills be regarded as one having hypnotized the other as a result of which we witnessed this similarity of fumbling during the swearing-in ceremonies that warranted the unthink- able and unprecedented luncheon party communiqué?
• It is highly unprecedented that the NDC government praises itself for chalking so-called successes and to bring down the inflation rate to single digit; yet, the price of common sachet water has sky-rocketed; the selling price of roasted groundnuts/peanuts by the Meegujiya women hawkers has increased from 50 pesewas to one cedi.
• My brothers and sisters, is it not unprecedented to have the number two chief executive of the land as someone with master’s degree in communica -tion, yet the government media relations and information machinery seem to be nose-diving all the time? Why all this? Could it be the act of God that they are at war with the odds?
• It is factually factual and reliable and an unprecedented phenomenon that it is Mr. Mills as president who would stoop so low as if it were a play in the Alice in Wonderland to move the presidential convoy of some 18 motor -cade to buy just 5 pieces of local Accra kenkey without fish or sugar to marsh. First, does anybody know the man-hours wasted, fuel, wear and tear of the vehicles; second, fear and panic that gripped the entire neighbourhood and the loss of productivity on that day that could have been used for more productive assignment?
• It is indeed unprecedented that personalities and nincompoops such as Baba Jamal, Ama Benyiwa Doe, Carl Wilson of alleged ‘stolen cars’ fame, courtesy, John Bediako of FONKAR fame, Ofosu Kwakye and the likes should find solace in the governance of this nation. How incredible it is.
• It is an unprecedented phenomenon that by proportion, the NDC appointees and apparatchiks have swung into the fray of becoming parliamentarians than ever before. Why? Because they have smelt a rat and seen their end is in sight.
• Is it not unprecedented that the hierarchy of the GNA has been cowed into submission to do the dirty tricks of the government? Why stoop so low to place any unchecked information on the internet to put the dignity of quasi-government institution into disrepute? Shame unto the stomach politicians who have found shelter and refuge there.
It is really unprecedented that never in the history of this nation until Prof. Mills assumed the reins of power, that the number of mysterious deaths – by suicide hanging because of hopelessness, carnage on our roads, devastation of life and properties through floods, fire outbreaks, serial killing of women, students on excursions and picnics for merry-makers at meet-me-there sites at the beaches have been drowning in their numbers, children trapped in saloon cars, in police and BNI cells, armed robberies, etc. has quadrupled than ever before.
• Come to think of public dissent and indiscipline at the highest order; the first ever by a security agency – the prison officers baring their teeth to demand for better service conditions; as for the POTAG and UTAG and with their persistent demands still in vogue, tell a lot of stories and portrays a true negative picture about the adamant stance of the government to the outside world – these are all quite unprecedented. To be continued but please bear with the author as he cannot help with the length of the thesis.
Please stay tuned for the more revealing episode in Part 2 as they unfold.


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