The Amirthi zoological park, Vellore is located on the hills of Tellaiacross, near River Amirthi. This zoological park is situated about 25 kilometers from the Vellore City. Travelling to this place is quite easy as the city of Vellore is well-connected by roads, railways and airways.

The best way to travel around the city is by road, as you will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you. The natural surrounding will enchant you and it will fill you with a sense of calm and relief, taking the stress away. The clean and pleasant air will provide relief to your soul and acts as a soothing balm to your soul.

The flora and fauna of the park is breathtaking and an array of vivid birds adds color to the environment. There is also a variety of herbal plants and sandalwood trees grown here.


Travelling by road is efficient and enjoyable, especially if you are travelling with your friends and family.

Various buses go to Amirthi zoological park, for which you can easily hire a bus and travel in comfort. One can also buy bus tickets from the nearest bus stop. Bus ticket booking is now possible through the internet, which is the most easy and convenient way.


The climate of the place is pleasant and comfortable. The fresh and natural air around you will refresh and calm your nerves. The smell of the fresh air will enchant your senses.

The best season for you to visit Amirthi zoological park is late monsoon and early winters, from the month of August to early January. This is the best time to visit Vellore and enjoy the fresh air and the natural environment of the place.

About Amirthi zoological park

The Amirthi zoological park stretches over 25 hectares of land. This park was divided into two halves by the Government of India, whose main aim was to preserve the natural environment and the wildlife of the country. The first half of the park is developed into a picnic spot for the tourists, where they enjoy the flora and the fauna of the park.

The other half of the park has been made into a wild life sanctuary, where the wild life is preserved and looked after by the government and the forest officials. You can see various kinds of plants, flowers and animals and you will be able to witness the wonderful and mesmerizing natural environment of the park. Various herbal and sandal wood trees grow here.

Numerous animals are found in and around the wild life sanctuary such as:

Hedgehog, Deer, Fox, Monkey, Peacock, and Love birds Parrots, Tortoise, Eagle, Wildcat, Pigeon, Ducks, Mongoose, Python, Rabbits, Crocodile etc.

The sight of animals and birds in their natural surroundings is simply amazing. This is something that you do not want to miss. This is a wonderful spot for vacation with your loved ones. Here, each and every member of the family will enjoy themselves in the tranquil surroundings and natural environment.

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