ProstitutionI?ve been watching a lot of The Travel Channel lately, and every time I go through these phases, I feel the urge to get off my couch and see the world. So it usually starts with me sitting up, then moving one foot in front of the other, then walking across the room to my computer, where I sit down again. Then I look at places online, and I never find anything I can afford, so I go back to my couch where I lay down and fall asleep. But this time was different. I was looking around at different destinations, and I stumbled on some pretty surprising info about some pretty popular European Destinations.

5. Greece

Greece is home to some of the world?s oldest and most beautiful architectural masterpieces, including The Parthenon and The Acropolis.  Both of which are located in Athens, one of the safest capital cities in the world.  Which means you don?t have to be overly cautious when you?re walking around at night. And while you?re out and about, keep your eyes peeled for one of their 10 to 15,000 prostitutes. Because while Greece penalizes pimps and requires brothels to have permits, prostitutes are pretty well accepted. They even undergo regular health checks and pay social security. In fact, the Greek government recently revealed a plan to force prostitutes 55 and older into retirement, and provide them with medical and social benefits.

4. Belgium

When I think of Belgium, three things typically come to mind; beer, chocolate, and of course, waffles! Legal prostitution didn?t even make the top ten. But almost every major city in Belgium has a red light district. Including, and especially Brussels. So whether you?re enjoying old tourist favorites like The Peeing Boy statue, or checking out more recent attractions like the Atomium, you?re bound to come across someone who?s in the oldest profession in the world.

3. Ireland

If you ever make it out to The Emerald Isle, you might find yourself kissing more than The Blarney Stone. But unlike much of Europe?s prostitution, Ireland?s is much more organized. Because while prostitution itself is legal, many of the things associated with it aren?t, such as; pimping, soliciting, and running a brothel. So what are the Celtic beauties to do? Why start escort services from their homes, of course! These escort services are prevalent and tolerated throughout Ireland. So you don?t have to go on an old, genuine Irish pub tour to get some Celtic TLC. But why wouldn?t you?

2. England

London has some of the most famous attractions in Europe, including The Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. But guess what else they?ve got? That?s right, prostitutes. And much like Ireland, prostitution itself is legal throughout London and Wales, as long as the prostitute is 18 or older. Also like Ireland, there?s no pimping and no brothels. But if you get bored of some of the world?s best shopping, fashion, and tourist destinations, just step into a ?telephone boof? and call one of the cards on the wall.


1. Germany

Germans aren?t exactly renowned for being reserved. And their stance on prostitution is no exception. Unlike many of their European counterparts, prostitution in Germany is legal and widespread. Prostitutes solicit sex from anywhere to bars (where the business is usually conducted in a connected building) to Eros Centers (houses or streets where prostitutes can rent rooms for the day) to Saunas. Even street prostitution is legal in Germany. It?s actually very well controlled and organized by the German pimps. Germany has a long history of prostitution, dating all the way back to the 1200s, and it doesn?t look like it?s going away anytime soon. So the next time you?re over there, hop off the Audubon and take a real ride.


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