wpid-President-Mahama.jpgI had a chat with one of my respected political figures at the other side of the political divide in the energy situation and think it is necessary I state my position on the issue. I have kept quiet on the issue for obvious reasons. I wouldn?t have commented on the issue but was forced on to the discussion arena after listening to Prof Addai and my senior and diabolic mentor as well as natural political ally Abdul Malik Kweku Baako. Kweku?s position at the inception of the Kokroko discussion on the energy matter was that the situation we find ourselves is avoidable. I hold contrary view to my brother?s position. My other problem is with those media houses playing the soundbite of the President and Haruna Iddrisu on the energy matter.

My position is, we can?t ridicule the President or Haruna using those soundbites because at least the government has indeed implemented policies and added substantial megawatts to what it inherited, I would have supported the soundbite agenda if this government had acted adamantly in solving our energy problem. The government has at the same time extended energy to places without light. We know this government has completed the construction of the Bui Dam, the T3 and others, these constructions shows the determination of this government to better our energy situation. I have issues with Kweku?s position because the energy problem facing us now isn?t one caused by incompetence or governmental negligence but factors beyond our control and graciously government through its energy Minister is doing all within its powers to streamline the issue. At least the ability to complete the Bui Dam, the T3 and other energy providing outlets suggest the determination to solve the energy crisis.

In discussing the energy matter, i think our panel of communicators from government and opposition must try to come out with real factors causing these challenges and must suggest practical and cogent ideas to help sanitize the situation. As we speak Nigeria generates 4,500 to 5000 megawatts of power for its 150 million population, South Africa however generates 40,000 megawatts of energy for its 50 million population, United Kingdom also generates 83 megawatts of energy for its 62 million population. You must do the average permutations to understand why the energy situation continue to change at every time in our national life, certain factors contribute to these Changes, countries with huge industrial base will surely consume more energies than less industrialized economies. Energy we know touches on every facet of everyone?s live from residential to commercial so in doing our calculation, we must factors the growth of these outlets.

Today because of energy crisis in Nigeria, most manufacturing industries in Nigeria have flown into Ghana this revelation is true and was captured during an economic discussion in Nigeria. Today, move through town and to our industrial areas, you would find many huge Nigerian companies operating in the country this has added pressure on our energy and has seriously uped the consumption rate. Most banks in the country now are Nigerian Banks. The attractiveness of our economy has invited many business magnates to fold up their companies in their countries and now operating in the country. The other point is the increase in the number of domestic homes.

Today estate development has become the order of the day, many people have entered the estates building industry all increasing consumption. As we speak, the Nigerian administers have projected that by 2020, the country would need 100 billion dollars to meet demands of its population. If we don?t do these projections and come out with comprehensive solutions, we would be creating more problems, Nigeria for instance has wasted almost 13 billion dollars on half-baked policies on their energy.

This is the reason why we must commend President Kufuor and the Mills/Mahama administrations for soliciting for funds and constructing the Bui Dam and the Mahama administration in particular for the T3 and other outlets. The West Africa gas pipe line was incorporated into our energy improvement policy however certain developments are pulling us back government is doing all to avert future problems especially the likelihood of our gas beginning to flow from May. We must act fast and think fast, whiles we go through these problems we don?t have companies producing torchlights and other alternative materials to substitute electricity rather, we continue to import these alternative light providers from China.

Ending my piece, i honestly think we must commend each other for always stepping ahead of other countries in the sub region than saying things to suggest our nation is collapsing, i watched a BBC advert making Ghana the gateway to West Africa why shouldn?t we thank God for this and walk across the globe chest high than demeaning our country all because someone must surely come to power for me to have the card to amass wealth. As the discussion rages on i pray that our technocrats do us the favour of explaining issue in-depth to give us the needed assurance.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow


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