Chibok girls. If you were my daughters; I would defy all odds in search of you. If you were my daughters, I would hold you in my arms, cuddle and look into your eyes in search of the pain you are going through right now.?

Shhh, don’t say a word. it’s written all over you already. Your tears already spoke. Those eyes, asking why I let you go through such CRUEL fate. Not your fault, neither is it mine. Even as girls ?I let you go to school against the custom of our people who believe girls are only good for warming their beds, cooking their meals and baring them children.

?I tried to make you fly higher. Now look, ?Just when I thought you’d escape such Northern girls fate, you were plunged right back into it, BY FORCE! So how was I supposed to know the school wasn’t a safe place for you to be?

My daughters, I can’t believe you’ve been gone for over a month, out of my sight and into the hands of cruel men ready to decide your destinies for you. Who would rescue you, bring you back to me? Can I feel the pains you’re going through right now? No. I can only imagine.?

Ahhh! What are those men doing to you right now? 15 of them going the rounds on you every day! No! My heart can’t take it anymore! My poor daughters. Now you’ve lost your innocence so young to worthless souls who aren’t even worthy of having you. You were supposed to to to universities and afterwards, get married and give yourself to men worthy of your love. Now see, total strangers have taken you.?

I sense you are already pregnant! How can you little lots be made to carry your young so young? The pains and strains of pregnancy; are you coping well with it? I’m VERY sure those Bokos didn’t use protection while going down on you. What if you’ve caught HIV or STIs already? Damn those promiscuous men- I bet they also have daughters! May such fate befall theirs too Allah!

Come to think of it; should your pregnancies be kept- who would father them? Certainly, you shouldn’t be left to bare a burden you didn’t bring upon yourselves, products of their lusts and cruelty! That means ABORTION! So my innocent daughters would have to go through abortion? What a WICKED world!?

I heard some of you were killed because they didn’t accept the Bokos faith- is it true??

Ahh, would you still want to go back to school whenever you return? I pray the thought of school won’t make you shrink! Don’t even think of going into prostitution! Why would the world turn my girls into worthless whores who face the risk of thinking they are only good for sex? The pain of having you think your bodies are worthless, pushing you into trading them for money or even for the urge to satisfy sexual groaning scares me!

?I pray you won’t start hating everyone around when you finally return. The stigma from our neighbours and girls of your age could be heartbreaking. Would you be able to bear it? Would you be able to take the disgust, maybe pity in the eyes our people? What about the historical part of it? I foresee women advising their sons not to come near you for marriage because they think you’re no longer worth it. Even the stare from men and boys alike could make you shy, wanting the ground to open up and swallow you.?

Come to think of it, are the society truly prepared for your home coming from the clutches of terrorism? Are they not going to abandon you on us after your release as is always the norm in Nigeria? Chai!?

You need much more attention now. You need to go cool your heads somewhere far away where you’d be given enough care and counselling to help you get through those pains that would CERTAINLY return with you. ?You need me now. You need us.?

Our President has promised not to give his eyes to sleep until you return home. I hope he meant his words.?

Those terrorists MUST let you go at once! I can’t wait to hold you again and this time, any harm that dares to come near you would have to go through me!



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