Nowadays, with the introduction of advanced techniques such as chroma key compositing and the availability of green screen, everything is possible. One can create any effect in a video or film which was earlier impossible to create.

Chroma key composting refers to a technique which is used to replace the subject?s background with another. This effect can be achieved by shooting the subject against a background of uniform color which the chroma key software is able to recognize and remove. After that, the editor can place different background in place of plain background. The most common example of chroma key effects is news reports shown on TVs. The weathermen are shown standing against large maps of different regions or countries. In reality, they are not. They are actually standing against plain green screens and moving their hands while reading their weather reports.


The chroma key effects can be applied easily by anyone. Here are some tips to follow.

Find a suitable place for shooting ? Setup a studio and buy green screen. The screen should be flat to avoid wrinkles and shadows.

Choose suitable color for the background ? Is it necessary to have green screen only? The green is a cool color which is different from warm human skin shades. Technically, any color can be used as long as the color contrasts with the subject?s color. However, blue and green screens are being commonly used.

Dress the subject aptly ? The subject should be wearing something different from green color, like something in red, yellow, orange, pink or other.

Otherwise, the subject will disappear.

Lighting ? When lighting for green screen effects, keep one important thing in mind. Light reflects back the surface color. If light falls on a green wall, it reflects green. Thus, take care when lighting green screen background that reflected green shade is not reflected back to the eyes and camera lens. For this, make the subject stand sufficiently far away from the background.

Post-Production ? It is the most important step. Here, the magic happens. The way in which green screen effects are applied depends on the green screen software and its features. It also depends on the principal on which the software is designed. With this software, strip the background of the footage and layer the background video underneath the footage. Apply desired effects by selecting from the software and save all effects.

Now, the green screen video with needed effects is complete. Producer can apply any effects to the video at any time.  

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