Last Saturday at the Engineering Department of KNUST was the first time ever that the 020 live concert train was hitting the capital city of Ashanti Region, Oseikrom.

As we earlier made you aware in our previous story, the show was splendid. From the organization, fans participation in the whole show and the performances by the artistes.

Today, OMG!Ghana brings to you the hitches that occurred at the event to our readers who were absent to know what really went down last Saturday.

The Funny Moment

After the programme ended, fans were in a rush for flick times with the stars, Mugeez,  4?4,  Bradez , Atumpan and the other musicians were all snapping pictures with their fans. It came to a point in time when the artistes had to leave for the after party at the aphrodisiac night club. Fans who didn?t want to leave, were still following them and begging to snap pictures. Fans started asking Abortion now Coded of 4?4 fame for his number but he didn?t mind them. Fresh Prince who was in a rush to enter the mini bus which was to transport them to the after party arena unfortunately slipped and fell down. Well I missed that shot because .. My bad! Captain Planet who was also running from the fans at the same time Fresh Prince had his accident also met his own version of the accident. He slipped and his entered a nearby gutter. Ouch! That must have hurt. How could I miss all these shots?

The Bad Moment

Call it his stage performance or anything, but some performance should really be talked against. Atumpan who performed massively well to pull crowed somewhere along the line when off the hook with his ?sisi mu den? song. He started banging on his dancer. He holds her waist, and with a massive force he starts to grind on her. Not only grinding, he also took his teaching experience on the lady by lashing her with a small stick on the buttocks. Well, call it a stage craft but the grinding was too much. This is not the very first time he is doing this, last year at Kwahu mountains, he did the same thing, of course, it?s a ?strong waist? song so we wouldn?t expect less.

The  Ugly

Mugeez of R2bees was not able to restrain himself from smoking. Mugeez after the show was seen with his usual marijuana smoking forgetting he came for a show and that his mentors and fans were around. I have personally not seen such act before. He can smoke anywhere he wants but not at a show. Well I call it the ugliest of all the incidents which happened at the 020 live concert at KNUSt because, the law doesn?t allow anybody to smoke and let-alone smoke in public. Mugeez after smoking went ahead to snap pictures with his fans.

Despite these short falls at the KNUST campus, we?ll give the show 95% because it was splendid. Hope the main event this Saturday 29th September 2012 at the Accra International Conference Centre will be more than the pre-show Kumasi people experienced.



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