Delhi is the most vibrant city of India, with a high density of population. It is the capital of India. Calcutta was the capital of India during the beginning of British rule. However, later George V had declared Delhi as the capital of India during the British raj. Hence, this place is eminent in terms of its historic background; also the main offices of the government of the country are located here. Along with all the above, this conurbation is the abode of museums and monuments which are of national importance. This makes the place an interesting place of visit in the country for foreigners whose journey is facilitated by the flights to Delhi.

Delhi is a commercial hub, with a very well developed economy. It has one of the highest per capital income in the country. Even the percentage of employed people here is higher than most other places of the country.

The employment rates have further increased after certain employment programs being carried out in the conurbation. The tertiary sector is the most developed sector of the economy, followed by the secondary and primary sector. The conurbation is home to most of the multinational companies. Business officials travel to and from the city by Delhi flights that makes these transactions feasible. Some of the major industries here are information technology, telecommunications and tourism.

The government of the place is keen to keep the conurbation clean and provide a healthy environment to its people. There is greenery in the metropolis. Though there is also a lot of pollution in the city, particularly air and water pollution, owing to the number of vehicles and industries in the destination.

Also, one finds a huge traffic on the road which the administration is trying to do away with. The attempts of the government to beautify the city and the availability of cheap flights to Delhi have led to the growth of the tourism industry.

Delhi flights make this place easily accessible the travelers. The climate of the place is hot and humid during the summers and cold during the winters. In spite of the unpleasant weather, travelers are attracted to this place from all over India and the world. Some visit the place for the sake of tourism. The voyagers are allured by the historical importance of the place. This place is not witness to both Munhall and British rule. The museums display the art and culture of the place, seen through the rule of both the empires. Also, the government of the country operates from its capital; hence the metropolis is significant in terms of the activities it carries out. Students from all over India come to this conurbation for education purposes. There are a number of renowned institutions in this cosmopolitan. Business officials travel to and fro this city to carry out their official transactions, where as there are others who visit the city, on a holiday, to experience the lifestyle of this metropolis. People are attracted to the lifestyle of its people who are generally very smart and easy going. This destination represents a blend of culture, traditions and the modern life of the independent India.

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