Three issues we follow here seem to come nearer to each other and may eventually join into a major conflagration.

The discussion in Germany about the Grass poem is raging on and on with many journalists, politicians and public commentators showing themselves as ridiculous idiots for attacking Grass personally instead of discussing the content of his poem. The normal people in the comment threads on various news sites, except for a few Hasbara preachers, don’t buy it. They seem to be widely supportive for Grass.

The Israel government is adding to the ridiculousness of the issue by declaring Günter Grass persona non grata in Israel:

“Grass’ poems are an attempt to guide the fire of hate toward the State of Israel and the Israeli people, and to advance the ideas of which he was a public partner in the past, when he wore the uniform of the SS,” [Interior Minister Eli ]Yishai said.


Grass was seventeen when he was drafted into a Waffen SS unit a few month before the end of the war. He had no choice in what uniform to wear. This stupid step by the racist Israeli government will increase endorsement of the Grass poem and support for his position.

With regard to Iran Israel recently invented a “sphere of immunity” scheme to increase its loudmouth threat of attacking Iran. The “sphere of immunity” is allegedly reached for Iran when it puts its nuclear program out of reach of Israeli bombs. This would, according to Israel, happen when nuclear work at the Iran’s fortified Fordo site would start. The idiocy of this argument was immediately obvious as nuclear work under IAEA supervision was already taking place at Fordo when Israel came up with the new “sphere of immunity” buzzword.

But as usual the U.S. government follows the orders from Tel Aviv and is now demanding that Iran stop all work at Fordo and hand over its 20% enriched Uranium:

The Obama administration and its European allies plan to open new negotiations with Iran by demanding the immediate closing and ultimate dismantling of a recently completed nuclear facility deep under a mountain, according to American and European diplomats.

“Disarm so we can shoot you easier!”

Setting such conditions only shows that the Obama administration is not serious about negotiating with Iran.

In Syria the Kofi Annan negotiations about a ceasefire are not in a better state. While The Syrian government has committed to start a partial withdrawal of military forces from the cities starting at April 10, the rebel site has not agreed to anything at all. It likely hopes to continue its destruction of state infrastructure and ethnic cleansing when the Syrian troops pull back. The Syrian government again demanded “written guarantees” from the rebels and the countries who support them. Despite what the media write this demand is not new at all. Such a guarantee was requested from Kofi Annan from the very beginning as for example the Syrian ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari explained (0:33, again at 0:44 again at 1:00 min) in a UN press conference several days ago.

The foreign paid rebels rejected to give any such guarantees:

Col. Riad Al-Asaad said Sunday that his group does not recognize President Bashar Assad’s regime and for that reason they will not give guarantees.

He said the government should withdraw its forces to bases and remove checkpoints from streets.

“Disarm so we can shoot you easier!”

Neither will Grass repent, nor will the governments of Syria and Iran commit suicide. The bullies will have issue more than empty threats.

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