The days of mourning are over and yet they still remain silent as if they are expecting another funeral. It is not that they have nothing to say. The truth is that they have been gagged by the new order. The late President Mills gave them a blank cheque to operate and treated them with kid gloves but this time around they have been subdued.  Some of them like Koku Anyidoho have been rendered jobless following the death of President Mills because the new leader prefers his tribesman who understands him better to be his spokesman rather than the man who ?misspoke? for the late President. 

 How time changes!  Koku the Bull is now licking his wounds at the Castle and making frantic telephone calls to the late President, hoping he will respond from Heaven, where he is said to abide.  Koku, the boisterous braggart, is now living in fool?s paradise.  Next time he may try to call Jesus Christ on phone to ask the Saviour to resurrect Professor Mills to come to his aid. The man should have called the Pope before calling Prof. Mills who is still lying in the Asomdwee Park. 

Immediately after taking over the reins of power, President John Mahama served notice that he would not countenance any insulting behaviour from his men and women who are parading in the corridors of power.  He forgot that he led the insulting crusade when he referred to everybody who did not side with decisions of the NDC as ?nonsense,? ?foolish,? ?baloney? and ?senseless.?  This irresponsible use of uncouth words is still fresh in our minds.  When he was the Vice President of this country, his presentations on issues was seen to have acquired such a colour of pomposity.  Today, he is trying to be the ?good guy among the boys on the bus glow.? Sadly, somehow you just can?t forget about Mr. Mahama?s insulting behaviour anytime you see the Okudzeto Ablakwas.  Fearing that they may lose their jobs or be kicked out from the Castle if they go wayward, people like Okudzeto Ablakwa, Agyenim Boateng, Koku Anyidoho, Hanna Bissiw, Baba Jamal etc. have all learnt to bridle their stinking mouths. They think their quietude will let us forget the insults they heaped on Ghanaians.  We may forgive them but surely, we will never forget the way they took accomplished ladies and gentlemen to the cleaners. 

But the issue is not whether they have bridled their mouths or not. The issue is for how long they are going to stop the insults.  Because we have less than three months to the elections, President Mahama wants to show a good face for the electorate to have sympathy on him so that in case he wins the 2012 general elections (something which will never come to pass, anyway) he would then release the hounds one more time to insult and take people who have made it in life through the hard way to the cleaners. 

When these upstarts were fooling around and referring to Nana Akufo-Addo as a drug user and womanizer, little did they know that one day, Mr. John Mahama will become the President of Ghana. Today, people have started looking into the cupboard of Mr. Mahama.  If he has not heard what is being peddled around, let me tell him today what people are saying as far as his moral records and turpitude are concerned.  

They say even though he is wedded to Lordina Mahama, he has nine other children out of wedlock. Hear the President himself speaking to Africanwatch:  ?There is this notion of me being a womanizer which is certainly not true.  I have had children outside my marriage.  But I am at peace with my wife. She understands the circumstances in which it happened.?  Oyiwa!!!  My lexicon tells me that another word for womanizer is philander, which means flirt or have casual affairs with women.  And yet somebody who had children outside his marriage was bold enough to tell Africanwatch that he was not a womanizer!  Anyway, Mr. Mahama, what were the circumstances that led to you going wayward to father some children out of wedlock? Lust?  Libido? Greed?  

Or maybe the women raped you! Stand up and answer before the axe falls on you. Mr. President, consult your dictionary and come again because your explanation did not wash at all.  The issue is not whether you are a responsible father or irresponsible father. Some have started talking about his drinking habit with others, saying he abandoned Islam because of his inability to stop drinking hard liquor.

As for cigarette smoking, they say only Fidel Castro can march him.   So you see how the world is?  The Akans say if you see your neighbour?s beard on fire, you better get water near you because yours could as well catch fire.  Today, Mr. John Mahama?s beard is on fire because he did not get water near him when the NDC nitwits were on the prowl.  If he had kicked against the vilification being heaped on Nana by the boys in the NDC, people would not have had the moral right to open his cupboard so wide to bring out all those skeletons. 

Since he started his so-called ?thank you? tour, he has been hammering on the ?all die be die? mantra until Yaw Boateng Gyan came out with his damning tape of arming hooligans to kill and maim and later say it was the ?all die be die? people who did it.  Even when people continue to condemn the ?kill and get away? tape, Mr. Mahama continuous to mention the ?all die be die? mantra to tease Nana Akufo-Addo.  As a man who calls himself ?ahobrasiehene? (king of submission), Mr. Mahama has not been heard commenting on the Yaw Boateng ?murder tape.?  The truth is that the President is a pretender. He was very much aware of plans to disrupt the 2012 general elections because he knows come what may, Ghanaians will show the NDC the exit way. 

When the uncouth General Secretary of the ruling NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia made disparaging comments against the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in the person of Rt. Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey, simply because the man of God commented on the issue concerning the planned creation of 45 more constituencies, some of us expected Mr. Mahama to call him to order.  The President kept silent on the issue, but when information reached him that members of the Presbyterian Church planned to punish the party during the coming general elections, he quickly went to take part in the Odwira Festival of the people of Akuapem Akropong and literally went on his knees to beg the good old professor.  Hear him:  ?The Presbyterian church was my ?mother? church until I followed my wife to the Assemblies of God church where I currently worship.  I was baptized into the Presbyterian Church and started worshiping with them until marriage took me away to the Assemblies of God? That is fine.  If marriage took him away from the Presbyterian Church to the Assemblies of God, then what took him away from his wife to father nine children from different women?  Is that a normal practice in the Assemblies of God Church?  Will you please answer this one too before you sit down, Mr. President? 

If President Mahama thought what he told the gathering did sink in, then somebody should tell him that the Moderator and the entire members of the Presbyterian Church did not buy the story.  In my holy village, when a child insults an elderly person, his or her parents first punish the wayward child before going to the house of the one who was insulted to beg for forgiveness.  In some cases, they even render the apology through the chief of the town. In anyway, is President Mahama going to ask Mr. Twum Boafo who said he has resigned from the Presbyterian Church to retract and go back to the church? And when he goes back to the church, will he muster the courage to apologize as the President did?  In this country some politicians try to play smart but they are not being clever enough. 

The problem Mr. Mahama has with Ghanaians is that he was in the thick of events when those boys in the NDC went on an insulting spree.  He did not get the courage to call them to order even as the Number Two Citizen of Ghana.  Three months to the general elections, the man is now begging men of God to forgive his wayward men.  Why is he not begging Ghanaians for referring to us as ?senseless,? ?foolish,? ?useless? and ?nonsense??  President Mahama has got a Herculean task to perform as far as his ability to convince Ghanaians is concerned. 

It is going to be difficult for us to believe in him anytime he mentions peaceful co-existence because he supervised over the insults, vilification and name-calling of his opponents.  Now that he is the President of Ghana and wants to continue to rule, he is asking us to stop the insults.  We will NOT STOP the vilification because it is payback time.  The man must better start wearing crash helmet because what is coming may crush his skull. Simplista!!!  

By Eric Bawah

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