On my recent trip to Ghana something interesting caught my attention. All I could see were new buildings springing up everywhere, some as elegant and striking just as we see elsewhere in the world.

Accra Villagio Apartments
Accra Villagio Apartments

Even with the poor nature of certain parts of the city, construction firms are still making their returns by pulling down some structures in mostly unplanned areas and turning these places into luxurious apartments and Hotels.

Despite the increasing levels of poverty in and around the city of Accra, most international companies, Hotels and Restaurants are concentrated now in?North East Accra,?the Airport city and East Legon. These areas now known among the poor Ghanaians as the heart of the rich.?Some of the residential properties, new hotels and offices?can easily be valued?at?billions of dollars?and would not be out of place in London, Paris or New York. But the question remains, are they paying the right taxes?

The Downside is a minority are displaying obscene wealth in Ghana but do not pay taxes, not even to the local authorities where they reside. As it stands now, some have neither roads nor sidewalks.


What about schools and market places?

The reason being that our authorities concerned are not taking their work seriously as some of these huge mansions do not have a proper address system in place, hence no database to help with the mobilization of funds for the infrastructural development of the deprived areas.
The general public will be happy to know at least how much tax Trasacco Valley and others are pays to Government and local authorities. This company sells properties for close to $1million dollars to rich Ghanaians and Foreigners.
This is the sad reality of Ghana. All the taxes are placed on EXCISE Duty to penalise ordinary folks.

I just hope our Government undertakes the street naming exercise urgently so?luxury properties can be valued and proper taxes levied to enhance?internal generation of funds from wealthy residents and foreign industrial conglomerates and concerns.

The tax system in Ghana is not fit for purpose.

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Source: Spyghana.com


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