One thing about our body that adds beauty to our personality is our hair. So that explains why people especially women are much concerned with their hair and would prefer spending a lot to make their hair spark. Just like other parts of our body, our hair must also be treated with much care. In fact, the attention and care given to it will determine how healthy and beautiful it will look. Caring for the hair ranges from the hair products we use down to the very experts who handle it.

Our human hair comes in different types; course, smooth, thick, light etc. Thus to properly care for it, you should know your hair type and also the right hair products for it. It is not a healthy practice to be using different products (shampoo, cream, conditioner) for your hair without first considering the type of hair you have. Different hair product addresses different hair issues. The fact that it is a hair product does not mean it?s suitable for your hair.

These practices result in hair breakages, hair loss, flaking, thinning, drying and so many more. It?s not for you to determine your hair type (unless, of course you are a hair expert). Allow the experts to do that. Find an expert to determine your hair type and also direct you as to the kind of products to use on your hair. You can also contact an expert when you find changes in your hair. An analysis will uncover hormonal changes, stress, chemical factors, as well as measurement of oil, dirt, and sebum deposits. Qualified technicians provide detailed reports along with suggested recommendations for treatment and conditioning.

Remember that once the hair becomes damaged, it is difficult to recover.  It is essential to correctly treat your hair with extra care.  Study the proper way of caring for your hair. Otherwise, it can be expensive later on to care for a damaged hair.

Choose the appropriate shampoo for your type of hair and make sure to condition it.  Try your best to keep away from chemical treatments such as perming and bleaching to a minimum. These procedures can damage the hair. Proper care should always be observed as it reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Source : Akosua Sekyewaa Oduro


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