Politics in Ghana has been changed forever with the coming into being of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP).  A real alternative now exists. A respectful, serious, well-organised political party full of competent men and women has won the admiration of many.  The PPP?s ideas on quality education for every Ghanaian child, preventable diseases, incorruptible leadership and a single-minded purpose to create jobs, jobs, jobs have been judged to be the best.

No, the PPP?s presidential candidate, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, did not win. The PPP did not win any parliamentary seat. But even those who did not vote for Dr. Nduom or the PPP parliamentary candidates concede that the party for 2016 and beyond is the PPP.  An important asset of the PPP are young men and women who are being prepared and resourced to take over from Dr. Nduom and the older ones.

The PPP was born out of adversity.  After investing in and making the CPP a visible party capable of strengthening itself for the 2012 elections, Dr. Nduom and his associates were termed and tainted the problems of that party.  Indeed, Samia Nkrumah whose entry into Ghanaian politics was sponsored and facilitated by Dr. Nduom and his associates, turned against them and predicted their exit from the CPP would ??Open the floodgates for millions and millions of people to join ?? that party.  Samia and her associates including Badu Akosa, Ivor Greenstreet, Bright Akwetey, K. T. Dadzie, R. Akomfrah, K. Bonfeh, Hajia Hamdatu, R. Ayarna and Kwame Jantuah succeeded in pushing Dr. Nduom and others out of the CPP.  This ended any hopes that the CPP can be revived. Now the 2012 election has put a solid nail on the CPP.  With Dr. Nduom?s resources, Samia won the Jomoro seat. Without it, she lost it.

Out of the CPP mess, Dr. Nduom found like-minded people from different political persuasions to build what has become the alternative to the NDC and the NPP. An inclusive political tradition to appeal to those tired of the same old overly aggressive, winner-takes-all politics has arrived.

The PPP organised itself in record time to meet the requirements of the Political Parties Law that regulates the setting up of political parties.  While the law says that political parties must have offices set up in at least two-thirds of districts, the PPP has offices opened in the original 230 constituencies.  Only the NPP and the NPP can match this. The PPP has officers elected in all constituencies, regions and at the national level under the supervision of the Electoral Commission.  Many political parties on record cannot meet this requirement today.  The PPP has presented its financial report to the EC as required by the law.  Not many parties have done this.  The PPP is national in character, organisation and membership. Many political parties cannot boast of being national. The PPP has fielded 211 parliamentary candidates.  Only the NDC and the NPP have fielded more parliamentary candidates.  Indeed, no political party other than the NDC and the NPP has proven that it has put down structures that withstand the test of time.

The PPP, not the NPP, has established the moral authority to be crusaders against corruption, poverty in all its forms, impunity of government and abuse of incumbency.  The NDC and the NPP went after votes ? by all means, refusing to take the moral high road. They won votes and seats in Parliament but lost the opportunity to lead from the front. They bought votes and now have nothing left to deliver to the people, who by the way, do not expect much from the winner.  The people voted for the parties they thought could win. And the reality has sunk in. Doing the same wrong thing over and over again does not get you the change you need.

With the 2012 election, the PPP faithful are not down. Rather, they are ready to demonstrate to Ghanaians that they will stand up for the rights of all citizens, be strong advocates for reforms, work for independence and strengthening of state institutions and look for good candidates for 2016.

Ghanaians now know that the bright red sun is here to make this country great and strong.

Awake Ghana!


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