An uneasy calm is settling in the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) as the Ahwoi faction of the Fante Confederation jostles its way in an attempt to snatch back its influential role in the party which appears to be waning, since President John Evans Atta Mills joined his ancestors last year.

The party?s delegate?s congress is seven months away, barring any unforeseen circumstances, and already indications are that big wigs in the party are already pitching camps and propping up their candidates to unseat the incumbent Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei.

Deep throat sources within the party say the once dreaded power brokers in the NDC ? the Ahwois ? are propping up the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) boss, Kofi Portuphy, to contest the Chairmanship of the party, as part of their scheme to continue to have a huge stake in the party.

Sources within the party say although Portuphy?s candidature for the chairmanship of the party is premature, there are other opinion leaders within the ranks of the party insinuating that that those pressing the buttons behind the scenes were so powerful that incumbent Dr. Kwabena Adjei would need to gird his loins if he is to make it at the congress.

Already, a campaign is fast gaining ground within the party that Dr. Kwabena Adjei had at a point in time indicated that he would not contest the next executive elections. But, his supporters are adamant that Dr. Kwabena Adjei had made no such promise anywhere.

Sources within the party indicate that some party members are unhappy at the silence of the Chairman on issues affecting the party, and the fact that the General Secretary, Johnson Aseidu Nketia, seems to have usurped the powers of the Chairman, as the one who is always visible.

But, other sources within party say the Chairman?s silence is an indication of his waning control of the party.

?May be they are not aware of the role and functions of the chairman of the party as spelt out by the party?s constitution,? a source close to the party told The Chronicle.

He intimated that Dr. Kwabena Adjei had been instrumental in mending the tattering relationship that existed between the founder of the party, Jerry John Rawlings, and Professor Mills before his untimely demise.

He noted further that the efforts of the Chairman were the reason for the good relationship between the founder of the party and the current president.

It could be recalled that at the peak of the near ?divorce? between former President Rawlings and the NDC party during the Mills administration, the Chairman, in a strong worded letter to the then President Mills, outlined his disappointment at the turn of events in the party, and the simmering tensions therein that threatened its very survival.

The leaked letter, dated 10th January, 2012, read in part:

??most party members do not think and feel that they have so far had that political space for which they dedicated their times, energy and resources during the 2008 electioneering campaign. Indeed, my impression is that most of our party members do not even feel that they belong to a party they aggressively defend. As a person who, without resources, contributed greatly to our electoral victory, all I have deserved are abuse, character assassination, blocking of my efforts and physical threats to my person.

?In all honesty, I cannot personally hide the fact that I have reached the limit of my patience and tolerance. Indeed, I can no longer put up with the on-going and well-known divisive machinations and schemes that threaten to wreck the party?s very survival, and my person as the popularly elected Chairman.?

The Chronicle is also informed that the President would surely throw his weight behind Dr Kwabena Adjei for his role in getting Mr. Mahama to annex the seat of government.

Sources say after the demise of President Mills, Dr. Kwabena Adjei and his General Secretary, Johnson Aseidu Nketia, stood their ground on a decision to affirm Mr. Mahama at the congress as flagbearer of the party, as against a popular view among the king makers for an Ahwoi to contest him.

Source: The Chronicle


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