Girl Child

The sufferings of the girl child have become events that hardly escape the act of sexual harassment, rape, defilement and imposition of child marriages that merely sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is quite obvious that majority of the Ghanaian girl child is been abandoned at the adolescent age, living there faiths in their hands as is mostly claim that they (girls) eventually ends up in their matrimonial homes, concentrating on housekeeping chores, to that effect majority barely dream not alone step foot in the classrooms especially SHS and the universities as compared to boys.

A keen observation has revealed that most females within the Kasoa metropolis in the central region are into local bars and restaurant business as attendants and in petty trade due to lack of parental care leading to sexual harassment and the mass number rages between the ages of 15 to 20 years.

In addition, the overwhelming number observed indicates that whilst some work willingly to earn a living due to financial constraints, forcing a dropout of school, it appears that others work for their masters, as there are left with no choice than to abide with the situation.

further investigations exposes the fact that due to the circumstances that some bar attendants work for their masters, it revealed that they were adopted in the name of offering ” white colour jobs” but the situation changes with the excuse that the precise job for the applicant is yet to show up and that must take advantage of available ones.

The pains and the pathetic sufferings endured by victims are believed could be minimized through interventions of corporate institutions and the community at large contributing to nation building.
Living with no choice, and the applicant knowing no one abides with the master and that continues in the rest of the years.

Suddenly, and eventually, the girl child becomes a subject to sexual harassment and rapes, leading to an unwarranted increment in birth in the slums, compiling double suffering to the girl child.

In a wide range field interview, narrating the sad story to The New Independent, some express that, family members far away in the villages depend on their survival hoping to receive part of their earnings to feed on at the end of the month, to that effect the need to double up efforts comes with no choice but to accept anything thrown at them.

A survey by the central regional coordinating council indicates that over the past three years the region has recorded a high rate of teenage pregnancy between 14.9%, 15% and 14.8% in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.
The region also recorded over 3,358 cases of Domestic Violence (DV) most of which can be described as gender based, of which 9.4% is defilement cases, 41.45% is neglect of parental responsibility and 47.9% is assault cases.

Over the years the UNFPA among other activities undertaken in Ghana and in Africa has been on the verge championing the course of the girl child and women empowerment in the country.

However, although women are highly considered to be occupants of trade, inundating the local markets in the country, the fight to raise their efforts and thinking capabilities to empower them (women) in there day to day dealings remains in sham.

Citing the case of agriculture in Ghana, the methodology of diminishing women in respect to land is still on the rise, to that extent affect crop yields of the country annually.

Again, whilst women are found in most of the local markets, it is said that women are good at management of housekeeping, with a saying that “training a man is training an individual but train a woman and you train the whole nation”.

Expressing that fact in a typical Ghanaian community, management is best said with a woman.
Believing that as a fact, with doubled effort to combat depression and building confident, the era of low level of women in population in education could be eradicated.

Source: Simon Agbovi


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