The Africa Union is fifty two years since its formation. The enthusiasm that led the establishment of the Union then known as the Organization of Africa Unity (OAU) appears lost in the agenda of the Union.


Today,  the African continent appears fulfilled carrying caps to go begging. Not because we lack the material resources to turn around our situation. Not because of  lack of human resources needed to change our fortunes. But because we lack the ability to subdue our individual interests to that of the larger interest.

The Union members had met since its formation with high sounding resolutions meant for the benefit of the continent, but, the resolutions were as good as the conference with no attention to them until the next.

Why is it, that, a continent, blessed with virtually every resources is in this state? We boast of the largest gold deposits and yet faced with the largest unemployed population. We boast of the largest cocoa production,  yet boast of unavailable industries to process them. We boast of the largest population possible for harnessing our resources,  and yet faced with malnutrition.

With the vast nature of our resources, Africa has no excuse being the worse continent in the world. Rather, Africa should have the impetus to be the leader in the world economy.

We have virtually lost control of our resources and have relegated ourselves to the position of producers of raw materials, feeding the industrialized world.

The African educational system must not remain administrative if we are to uplift ourselves from this quagmire. The industrialized world,  aside growing a fleet of industrialists, would require administrators to manage the administrative aspect of their production in order to maximize their profits thereof.

The African, copiously following the steps of those advanced countries in their educational system, can best administer the exportation of raw materials to feed industries outside the continent at cheaper prices, while we pay for the finished products through the nose.

We must revolutionize our educational system and tilt it towards industrialization. That is what Africa requires. If we are to add value to our resources to attract higher prices, we do not need administrators, we need engineers to keep to the transformation agenda of Africa.

Looking at the rate and enthusiasm with which everyone wants to be a leader of the continent,  would they be ready to swallow their egos for the collective good of Africa? Would the African leaders subdue their powers to a single African president while the other Heads of States become governors of the remaining states taking orders from a central point?

Would the African leaders commit their countries to establishing an economic hub in say South Africa or Nigeria or say Burundi? Would South Africa agree to submit to an economic hub outside its jurisdiction? Would my country Ghana admit same?

Would Africa give its commitment to establishing a common continental defense in which all countries would contribute their men in uniform according to their strength? Would others admit and give their lands for the establishment of such a base?

Which African country would give up its currency to the adoption of a new for the continent considering the fact that even ECOWAS, a far smaller continental bloc with 16 countries could not adopt a single Eco currency?  How possible would it be for a 52 or 53 member states?

There must be the dissolution of the various regional blocs to provide a common ground for the unity discussion to make a head way. These blocs are concerned about their Regional interest at the detriment of the larger African interest.

In his speech before his colleagues in a text he christined Africa Must Unite, Kwame Nkrumah outlined measures for the adoption by his colleagues. After that conference, the members present gave up their commitments after his overthrow and subsequent demise.

The intellectual allegiances to foreign governments is consistently liquidating every effort needed to harness the strengths of African countries to a point of unity. Until commitment and allegiances are tilted to one another on the continent, we are doom for a very long time to came.

Dr. Congo has a strong potential. A mobile phone is not functional without a chip. A component of that chip is extracted from Congo Dr. So long as Congo remains in war, the imperialists who benefit from the extraction of this component do so leaving Congo in a state of despair. They would do everything possible to keep Congo in that state just to enable the exploitation of their resources at no cost. The number of people using mobile phones across the world should place Congo in a position of bailing other African countries in financial distress.

In a United Africa, there can be no exploitation of the rich resources of the land. We shall approach the negotiations table with superior agreements rather than this posture of begging  in our current state.

Holding the largest percentage of the world?s resources, we cannot be undermined united because we will call the bluff of any imperialist that seeks to play on us. Our agenda would be to provide maximum employment for our growing population and this would be the focal point in all our negotiations.

Any wonder why the imperialist enjoy dealing with African countries singly? It fosters the rapid growth of their continents while leaving Africa dejected. They seek to play our heads making it difficult to present ourselves as one.

If we are to make Africa the greatest of all, considering the blessings showered on us by the Almighty, we must employ our brains and get them working. We must see the unity of Africa as an urgent step that we all must lend a hand to making a reality. The North African, the South African,  the East African, the Central African and the West African must see this as our collective responsibility to our continent. If we are happy in our current state, then let us remain here. If we are not content with where we are today, let us commit out leaders to commit to the unity of our continent Africa.

Long live Africa unity
Long live you
Long live Africa

Written by:

Source: Stephen Kwabena Attuh-ASK


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