Magnetic separator, also known as magnetic pulley, has two major categories — the magnetic roller with electromagnetic and permanent magnet. For nearly 20 years of development, the permanent magnet magnetic drum developed rapidly in its handling of the granularity of the upper limit from 75mm to 350mm, composed of the permanent magnets of the magnetic system from the ferrite developed using some of the rare earth Fe-boron the Magnets composite magnetic system, the use of full-Rubidium iron boron magnetic system can make the magnetic pulley continuously improve performance.
Dry weak magnetic separator, you can use the effect thrust, and to adapt the scope is very wide, so the sorting of iron powder has a very impressive technical advantages. Large magnetic separator Red Star machine CTDG, performance and manufacturing are rated as good, has been applied in many sizes of magnetite Selections.

Such as CTG-type permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, and LGC permanent magnet drum magnetic separator has been widely accepted. Between the control of energy consumption and magnetic field strength, electromagnetic, magnetic separators in the iron sorting highlights because this type of separator is mainly applied to the needs of the ferromagnetic impurities in the non-metallic minerals out.
In the entire process iron selected, we sought to simplify the structure of the magnetic separator, so that the head of the belt conveyor can be installed directly. Similarly, it can be configured to separate dry magnetic separator. Magnetic separation, magnetic materials with the belt to move to the drum at the top of adsorption, go to the bottom of automatically shedding non-magnetic material directly down along the horizontal parabolic trajectory. The magnetic separator can operate in the enhanced feed size within 350mm can be achieved this breadth of the magnetic separator.
In order to obtain the approval of market recognition and users, we have the properties of high magnetic induction in the iron sorting separator, having the characteristics of a number of distinct user-friendly applications.
For example, the separator can be applied in the early depleted iron ore broken or subsequent roughing, to exclude the waste rock; in front of the iron ore smelting iron separation; hematite restore the house roasting operations will not fully restore The raw ore re-election; iron removal of the old sand in the foundry industry. Ceramics in porcelain clay mixed iron removal; for the removal of iron mixed coal-fired.

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