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Award winning Ghanaian actress-Ama Konadu Abebrese has covered Graphic Showbiz (see shot below). Inside the paper she talks about waiting on God to grant her dream man, looking to work beyond Ghana and Nigeria and possibility of working with multiple award-winning diretor-Shirley Frimpong Manso?

Did Ama say she is waiting on God to grant her dream man? How will God give you a FREAK when you and I know that is what you want (dream man).#justkidding?

On how she selects her scripts?

I don?t believe in quantity but I believe in quality so even if in my career span of twenty years as an actress, I do just ten movies which have an impact on society, I will not be bothered. I want the projects I am involved in to affect the society positively and not just for the fame.

I quite remember in a conversation with a colleague actress of mine, she could not remember the titles of some of the movies she has been involved in. She could only remember four out of the about fifty movies she has starred in. That, I think should not be the case at all. I should value what I do.

Personally, I love the acting craft so I take a particular interest in it and just don?t do it for fun. Again, I believe that whatever I do, I can do better or best so I don?t settle for anything.

On possibility of working with Shirley Frimpong Manso and Sparrow Production?

Why not? If it is a good project, I won?t mind at all. I don?t want to select productions based on names but the quality and I must admit that I will love to work with Kwaw Ansah who I have idolized since infancy because he is a great movie maker not only in Ghana but globally.

She joking added; Maybe, their budget cannot accommodate me. Anyway, I know that some of my people are really making good money.

On working beyond Ghana and Nigeria?

I will very much love to be on a South African, Kenya and Tanzania productions. I don?t think that we have to limit ourselves to Nigeria because we can go beyond that and I am looking forward to capture the hearts of Africa.

Ama K Abebrese

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