Sir, Greetings from your Royal subject who is always looking out for you against those that prefer sucking the state dry.

unnamed (2)We know they come in different shape and sizes , they come in clothing that resemble that of a sheep but the actual truth bu na fa bu cha ekperima. My old Man will call them ?WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING?

Sir,I ?want to bring to your notice the THAILAND INVESTMENT FRAUD . From 19th and 20th and I believe it was a week long event ,the state hosted delegations from Thailand in OKA the Capital city of ANAMBARA STATE ,the HYPE was so great that I joined your e-RATS to shout WIW but I was taking aback when my usual curiosity led me and ,I discovered the following , I said I MUST TELL THE GOVERNOR ,I am sure that those plotted that fraud have something sinister in mind .

The 43 person delegations ,who came in as investors ,how come it was Anambra state that paid for their flights ?it cost the state 8 Million Naira, sorry let me rephrase ,which the state budgeted 8 million Naira for flight that brought SO CALLED INVESTORS ?

How come it was the state that is paid for the accommodations that cost us another 8 Million Naira ?,How come that some came in with Girl friends and some with wives to a business meeting and the state that is suppose to benefit from them are footing the Bills ?,that begs for the question ,what then do they bring to the table ? ,if investors cannot pay for their flight , accommodations ,Logistics ,is that not enough to tell us that they are not investors but tourist ?.
Sir,Nnam si ?anam acho nwanyi mana oburo nke di ime[I need a wife desperately but not the one that is pregnant]? ,I simply cannot understand the rational or the sensible thing behind ,a man that is hungry and he trek all the way from OKA to BENIN to eat free food ,to me I will say that the food is not worth the effort.

Sir ,there was a GIANT FACTORY attracted by your predecessor ,it is sited at OZUBULU ,they are called DISTELL ,the producers of AMARULA MILK DRINK and over 60 major drinks World wide.
The problem is that the complain from them on why they abandoned site is because the relevant bodies in your Government refused bluntly for them to see you over some of the things that the Government can do to facilitate them. Maybe the relevant authorities wanted them to ROJA and ROJA or they simply wanted the Factory to abandon the project and move on ,so they can bring to you another unexisting company to sign MOU with .
Sir ,this kind of known and authentic investors are hard to bring to Nigeria owing to the notoriety of our nation and DISTELL came because they saw that SAB MILLER the Producer of HERO and doing well ,as a brother company ,all from SOUTH AFRICA, they came in to join the market and if they did well ,I am sure many other factories will perch on the safety of the existing ones and troop in ,but if your men keep frustrating the ones that came in ,I wonder how the state will implement any investment plan.

Sir ,The spot at UNIZK junction ,right led to ARTHUR EZEH AVENUE and left led to ABAKILIKI STREET ,there is a PEDESTRAIN BRIDGE that ran across the road. That spot has been sucking bloods in great numbers ,last time it was tanker or so ran into commercial buses and slaughter sizeable numbers of commuters and the places were cleared of Buses ,but now they have started inching back blocking the road again.
On 20th or 21st night a Trailer with Container body failed break and ram into a Car driving by a Mother and her 3 kids ,the Kids were seated at the back ,the Trailer crushed the Car but by miracle all the kids at the back did not even get a scratch because the compression did not went down to the height of the children ,the Mother were hurt badly but alive ,but the Unfortunate Keke Driver died on the spot because the trailer crushed the KEKE beyond redemption.

Sir ,I suggest you Put 2 big bumps on both side of that road ,coming from ENUGWU END and COMING FROM ONUICHA END ,to slow down those idiotic race runners that refused to know that accident is just matter of seconds ,also if it is possible ,mount traffic lights at that spot to help and save lives that are wasted on that spot every 3 months.

TIME OFF ? Sir,I do not know the rational behind the sacking of your CAMPAIGN DG who was a commissioner of Information Prior and was demoted to SSA instead of promotion and lately sacked while he was on a mission which you designate him to, I would,ve advised you take it cool and do not allow those Urchins who are bad advising you to do any of those irrational act ,they may be doing it for personal reasons and you are the one that is gathering un-necessary enemies and in politics it is deadly to fight the vehicle that took you on a journey where you need same vehicle for a return trip.

I am advising because I know you are new in political terrain and you,ve made gross mistake that is Political suicide and those people that egg you on bear you malice and not love.
Have a great Day my Governor ,still yours in the service

Mazi Odera


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