Running NinoAfter Returning from an impressive musical tour in the UK (kind courtesy Ghana Society UK), Nino has not relented in his activities and career at large. Having performed on the Miss Ghana Top Model show at the Trade Fair and a couple of other platforms recently, his prowess with regards to singing in different languages have been tried and tested. In fact, I bet you wouldn?t waste your time listening to Nino sing; he is one of a kind. His adapted version of one of the best tenor arias in Opera called “Nessum Dorma” is an indication. ?Nessum Dorma? is an Italian words meaning “None shall Sleep”, seasoned artists like Pavoratti, Michael Bolton, and Aretha Franklin have done this ?tenor arias? in their own way, I guess is now the turn of this young Ghanaian artist Nino.

Nino prepares to perform this song “Nessum Dorma ” Live with the Orchestra band on TGIF Show with KSM 9th August.


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