Teye Nyaunu slams Kwabena Adjei over ‘belated letter’

Michael Teye Nyaunu

The outspoken MP for Lower Manya Krobo, Michael Teye Nyaunu, is unconvinced the counsel of National Democratic Congress (NDC) Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, for President Mills to summon an urgent meeting to re-position the party or it loses election Election 2012 will yield much.

He says not only is the call belated in the day, the sentiments have been expressed before but were treated with contempt, wondering why Dr Adjei is raising them now.

The party chairman on January 10, 2012 wrote a strongly worded letter rated “very urgent” to President Mills and copied party founder J.J Rawlings, raising serious issues within the party which he said threaten its very survival and portend potential electoral defeat if not addressed.

“In all honesty, I cannot personally hide the fact that I have reached the limit of my patience and tolerance. Indeed, I can no longer put up with the on-going and well-known divisive machinations and schemes that threaten to wreck the party’s very survival and my person as the popularly elected Chairman,” the letter read in part.

But the Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Krobo told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh Tuesday that Dr Kwabena Adjei’s claims that he was trying to tread the leadership role cautiously is only exposing his “ineffectiveness”, stressing that the issue is now “belated”.

He questioned the role of Dr Adjei as the chairman of the party, saying he is rather responsible for addressing issues he raised in that letter.

“Nana Konadu was his deputy, what treatment didn’t they mete out to Nana Konadu before her resignation to contest? If he is really an unifier he could have supported Nana Konadu at the national level for a lot of corrections to be effected in our party. Now that defeat is starring all of us in the face, he defeat wants to make NDC awawawa atuuuuu, now they are writing letters,” he slighted the chairman’s SOS to President Mills.

He recounted that Mr Rawlings on countless occasions complained about corruption and divisiveness that consumed the party, which had the tendency to send the NDC back into opposition, but he was not heeded.

“I expected Kwabena Adjei to quickly support the action, so that all of us would hold the bull by the horn and work, but they cowardly retreated…it is an act of ineffectiveness…cowards would die 20 times before their death,” he remarked.

“Dr Kwabena Adjei is my friend, he was sleeping all along, what role did he play to unify the party as he is calling himself a unifier.

Source: Myjoyonline


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