NDC? Supporter at Sukura in the Ablekuma Central? constituency have laid blames on the incumbent Member of Parliament in the area? Hon Theophilus Tetteh Chaie for refusing to embark on a thank you tour to thank the constituents? for electing him and for vesting their confidence in him.


They said because some of them are sympathizers of the party that was why they voted for him eventhough he (Chaie) was not the right choice for the constituency.

The supporters however, warned him not to relent in his promise of bringing development to the area.

They beleived that Hon Chaie has not done much for teh constituency during his first term in office as their MP and must be up to task this time or face stiff atacks from the constituents.

Speaking with the National Democratic Party (NDP) parliamentary candidate for the 2012 general elections in the Ablekuma Central Constituency, Oumarou Sanda Mohammed Bingle, he beleived that the MP has done what he could do for the area, and that the claims that the MP hasn?t done anything at all cannot be upheld.

However, he wanted to know what Hon Tetteh Chaie has been doing with his Common Fund, which is meant to be used to develop the area.

He called for a need for the MP to re-consider the concerns of the people and work towards them.

He also adviced him to stop perpetrating lies and humble himself? so as to be able to work confortably with the Assembly members of the area.


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