Periyar extends around the banks of a huge artificial lake that was created by the damming of the Periyar River in 1895. It has 780 square kilometers (485 square miles) of dense hilly forest, with 350 square kilometers (220 square miles) of this being core park land. Periyar is one of the most popular national parks in southern India, but these days this is more for its tranquil feel than sightings of wildlife, which many people complain can be few and far between at times. The park is known for its elephants, and 30 minute elephant rides through the jungle are offered. Unlike many national parks in India, Periyar stays open all year round. The most popular time to visit is during the cooler, drier months from October to February. However the aroma of the moist vegetation in the monsoon also gives it special appeal. The best time for viewing elephants is during the hotter months of March and April, when they spend the most time in the water.

Periyar resorts:

Greenwoods is located in Kumily, atop a small hillock, hidden from the hustle and bustle of town. Its 26 rooms are spread over 6 acres of lush greenery. We have a large restaurant with open sides overlooking the manicured lawns and the swimming pool. Other facilities include a recreation centre, a mini gym, a craft centre, a library and a conference hall.) The cottages are all well spread out, built with gabled, sloping roofs. They lie in an arc cantered by a children’s play area with garden chairs, sea-saws and swings. Above the sloping play area lay the swimming pool with an adjacent kid’s pool and changing rooms.

The pool is open throughout the day and a life guard keeps a watch on all times Spice Village Resort, Periyar Set in the heart of the Cardamom hills of Kerala, Spice Village is an unprecedented tourist destination, offering a rare opportunity to enjoy South India’s wildlife & Beauty. The Village lies just outside Periyar tiger reserve, and a stay here is the perfect way to appreciate and respect the environment. Recreating the mood of local tribal community, the resort architects have designed individual cottages amongst a landscaped spice garden. Each dwelling is thatched with elephant grass & offers simple luxury & privacy.

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