I read some of these rats complaining of rigging , complain of IYOM EKWUNIFE rigging out Tomb Raider the GRAND KING OF RIGGING , the only thing that comes to mind is ..

unnamed (8)IF AFTER ALL THE STATE CONSPIRATORIAL ACT against this Woman,if after closing all the markets gates stopping her from carrying out campaign in the market.If after buying the house of Ashamebly to pass judgement that specifically stops Ekwunife from moving about the state to campaign. If after stopping Ndi Igwe from allowing this OHAMADIKE BY CHOICE called IYOM to visit towns and tell people how she will give them good representations .


If after emptying the state treasury to bury this woman,s political lamp,if after swearing that this Iyom must be driven out of the state both in Business and politics.
If after using billions of state fund to bribe INEC just to deliver Anambra central ..
And yet this same woman still give the state a befitting beating,then i can stand erect and say that she is EBEKUE 1 IN NIGERIAN POLITICS.
Maybe she is better addressed as Onapuru OHAMADIKE 1 OF ALAIGBO .
Fast forward to some of the rants on facebook from Anambra state e rats,where they are crying that Peter Obi kicked APGA on the groin and i ask ..
Which Peter Obi are this over fed gluttons talking about ? Is it the one they celebrated as nobody and drive him out of APGA or another one ? .
If that same Obi who made Obiano and entire Anambra state APGA affairs and he is still this powerful to unmake them ,,then i am going to IKEMBAS GRAVE ,where is the chief priest that always dance on Grave ? Sir Umeh ,kindly lead the way we must go to Ojukwu and Ziks Tomb to dance once more and this time ,i will join the TOMB DANCE

Source: Mazi Odera


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