Some tenants occupying the Ghana Railway Development Authority (GRDA) land on the Achimota train way station (V-Plan) behind the Tesano Police Station, have tasked the authorities to come clear on their status to determine who they pay rent to.

According the tenants, the GRDA has leased part of the land to one Abubakar Saddique also known as ‘Holy Boy’ for 40 years and, he has served notice of his intention to evict them off it if they do not pay rent to him.

According to some of the tenants, they have been occupying the land for over 15 years knowing that they would be evicted by the GRDA when government decides to develop the area into a substation.

Holy Boy according to checks by this reporter, is using his connections in government to harass the tenants and demanding huge moneys off them.

A spokesperson for the tenant’s name withheld, told this reporter that they cannot understand why a state institution like the GRDA could lease part of its land for that long and questioned why this should be so?

‘’We are ready to pay rent to the GRDA and not to somebody we can cannot trust as we don’t know his true identity’’, the spokesman for the tenants said, adding that the government must come in to address this matter.

‘’He claims to know top officials in government and is hiding behind this to threaten us’’, he said, and questioned why this could be allowed to continue as they are also Ghanaians and do have a right to livelihood.

According to him, they have reported the case to the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area (Ayawaso West Wuogon), Lydia Alhassan and notified her of their problem but, no concrete decision has been upheld.

‘’We have over 75 New Patriotic Party (NPP) members here and our votes also count, he said, warning that they could refuse to vote for the NPP if their plea is not taken.

They are therefore appealing to the government and the GRDA to settle this matter once and for all as they believe Holy Boy is in league with the GRDA authorities to dupe them.

By George Osei



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