A new wave is sweeping across the Nigerian entertainment industry and is catching up one by one with the big fishes. Call it coincidence or re-branding, these guys are determined to leave you second guessing their next move. ..

Timaya led the pack when he appeared without his signature dreadlock that many fans had come to recognize him with. Then Basket Mouth in an unexpected move, also chopped of his own dreads and while we were yet to get over that, ?I celebrate? crooner, Waconzy even took his own further by not onlt cutting off his dreads but also dyeing his hair blonde.

This one should be the most surprising and who else would give us this type of shock effect than the Akpako master himself, Terry G. The singer was seen wearing a new look which makes him look very much like a gentle R&B singer ? yes, I know, looks don?t make singers but his persona as a weird, ?crazy? and energetic performer was sort of attached to that old look.

Tell us what you think about the new look Terry G.


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