Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance
Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance

The Finance Minister Seth Terkper has guaranteed Ghanaians the economy is on the right course, in spite of the difficulties the West African country is experiencing at this point

Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance
Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance
Terkper is idealistic “the following three years” will bring a considerable measure of trust in Ghana since the John Mahama-drove organization has put a ton of measures set up to surmount the difficulties that beset the nation in 2012.

“Each economy will confront one issue or the other? the economy endured four noteworthy stuns ? softened pipeline up Nigeria so we were not getting gas for over two years and that brought about “dumsor” [erratic force supply] furthermore the costs of gold, oil and cocoa fell,” the clergyman told London-based Rainbow Radio.

“The good thing is that the negative pointers did not fall back due to the changes that we were doing. So the shortfalls did not build or decline.”

Terkper spoke to Ghanaians not to permit the present difficulties eclipse the various arrangements the decision National Democratic Congress (NDC) government has put set up to guarantee a solid financial datebook.

“Ghana today has cleared each one of those single spine regions and Ghana today is expanding gas from Nigeria and has finished its own particular gas preparing plant and giving gas to the VRA warm plants so the circumstance with force has changed. Ghana today is doing 100,000 barrel of unrefined petroleum every day.

“We have put the 2012 issues behind us and we are setting the economy back to its typical course. The IMF couldn’t give us that go inside of three months on the off chance that we were not making the best choice.

“The following three years is cheerful. The economy is not what it was and on the off chance that we get the open door we ought not commit the same errors once more. We must be arrangement situated,” Terkper pointed

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