Mr. Oduro Antwi, the Headmaster, said congestion in the dormitories had become a major headache that could not be allowed to continue.

DormitoryHe told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that structures built to provide space for a total of 1,600 students were now housing 2,600 students.

He said the lack of a well-stock library and the bad nature of roads running across the school, were the other pressing issues giving both the teachers and students sleepless nights.

Mr. Antwi said the dust nuisance had kept worsening and becoming simply unbearable, adding that, there was a real health risk to the school’s population.

The right conditions needed to be created to assure the students and their teachers of their health and safety to promote effective teaching and learning, he added.

The Headmaster also complained about the huge unpaid school fees and said that had also not been helpful to its smooth operation.

He put the fees arrears at GH?97,000.00 and asked the defaulting parents to take immediate steps to pay the money owed.

By Isaac Arkoh, GNA



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