Tension is gradually gaining momentum at Dunkwa-On-Offin as?Chiefs?and people have gone wild against the ruling government over the failure on her part in expediting actions that will seek to address the deplorable nature of the road network linking the township?to Obuasi of the Ashanti Region.

The disastrous nature of the road particularly characterized by a sizable number of potholes which runs throughout the driving stretch??from??Dunkwa-On-offin to Obuasi??and other road deformities according to irate residents stands as a major hindrance to the town?s economic development since investors are always discouraged from transacting business there due to the delay in? time factor and the unbearable vehicular damage caused consequent to the state of the road.

All Successive governments?they indicated, have hitherto??pushed over the decision to address its??poor and dilapidated nature by giving it a perfect face lift as though it doesn?t fall within the jurisdiction of government.

Aggrieved residents and road users consequently now? feel politically caricatured as several promises made by past and present government in tackling the above challenge in what they describe as swollen manifestos at the heat of electioneering periods have turned out as empty promise.

Movement of goods??and services to and fro Dunkwa-On-Offin to Ashanti region has always been at a slow motion pace since instead of 1hr 30minutes, drivers who ply the road are challenged to conclude their journey in a driving time span of 2hrs 30minutes with its attendant vehicle breakdown.

Road accidents residents cautioned??is likely to be on the rise if the matter is not addressed urgently as driving on the road is characterized by the frequent swerving of pot but manholes???by drivers which may result in a fatal head-on-collision.

Scores of residents who??didn?t fear disclosing their emotions in an interview with the Moment challenged government to stop spending and start mending??by way of laying and implementing measures that will??address the road deformities??witnessed by the Obuasi-Dunkwa road.

In an interview with the Chief of Dunkwa-On-Offin Nana Obeng Nuako III, he made a passionate appeal?to government the above matter at heart has for long been a major challenge and even apart from the Dunkw-Obuasi road, other road networks at other farming communities that fall within the catchment area of Dunkwa are similarly? generally bad to the extent that?? farmers are unable to transport their produce to their respective marketing centers.

?Feeder roads and link roads leading to many of the communities that produce food stuffs are in deplorable state and the people are unable to travel to commercial communities? to purchase farm inputs and
other requirement during the rainy season and this is adversely affecting food production, economic growth and livelihood fortunes of the people,” he lamented.


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