The president of Tema Youth Football Club, Wilfred Kwaku Osei, has said the decision by the Ghana Football Association’s (GFA) Appeals Committee to reinstate the club in the Ghanaian top flight is a victory for the rule of law within the country’s football space.

“Very gratifying to go this long haul in order to justify the truth. It has been a very long winding journey but at the end of it all we have had justice served and I must say that we did it not to settle personal scores but to ensure that the judicial system is fair to any party that comes before the committee. That is all we are looking for,” he told Class Sports.

As to whether he felt vindicated by taking his case all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Mr Osei said: “When you embark on such a course, one thing that you should be mindful of are the legal and factual evidence behind you. If you are sure that these two are behind you, all I would say is that you need to go out and establish the truth and I must say that those of you who felt we had engaged in an exercise of futility, we have demonstrated how the legal systems work.

“If anyone should pursue a matter to the level of CAS, it should clearly indicate to you that that particular club is clearly versed in the law. We didn’t do anything untoward. We clearly followed the procedure by our rule and regulation,” he added.

Premier League side Dreams FC was demoted to Division One following the ruling by the Appeals Committee of the GFA on Wednesday. The Appeals Committee was forced by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to hear the case after Tema Youth petitioned the Swiss-based body following two previous hearings by the Disciplinary Committee of the GFA.

CAS ordered that the protest over the use of Cudjoe Mensah by Dreams FC be re-examined, with Tema Youth claiming the player was unqualified to play when the two sides clashed in a match that decided who played in the Premier League last season.

Even though a previous ruling by the Disciplinary Committee found that Mensah was unqualified to play, it refused to hold Dreams FC responsible.

The Appeals Committee, however, ruled on Wednesday that Mensah was unqualified to play in the match and Dreams FC must be held liable for the irregular registration of the player.

The body also slapped a five-year ban from all football activities on Dreams FC official Ibrahim Dossey Adam for signing the release letter of the player on behalf of the club. Dreams FC were also slapped with a fine of GHS2500.

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