lorry station
lorry station

Tema Station, which is a lorry station that one could get a car to almost every destination in Accra and beyond, is engulfed with filth, while people of both sexes urinate openly in gutters.

lorry station
lorry station

People are emboldened by this impudent and imprudent act that they are seen at the full glare of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) attending to nature’s call.

It is also a station where people usually by pass refuse containers and rather dump their waste in drains.

The sight of human excreta is so common that it is no longer a great concern to commuters. The deadly scent emanating from a drain behind the Department of National Lotteries is fatal especially in the afternoon.

The biggest problem is that the station is in the national capital, and close to the Ministries, where the Ministry of Tourism is wooing tourists to visit.

The office of the AMA is about a kilometre away and ironically the office of Ghana Health Service is opposite the station.

Tema station is where hairdressers and food and vendors of products ranging from drugs, second hand clothing and vegetables are occupying sheds and sitting spaces meant for passengers.

The station is a host of a big market that stretches to the Accra Mass Bus Terminal and a big boarding house for potters especially ‘Kayayei’.

It is also a place where trotros some as old as 30 years over flow the parking lot and so are compelled to park on roads around the facility.

The public toilets at the facility have been annexed by traders and squatters who out- number the people the toilets are targeted at.

The question is what is the use of the mobile toilet facilities provided around the facility?

The city authorities must take a look at the insanitary conditions and the mess the station finds itself.

Accra is noted for the annual cholera outbreak and so “a stitch in time saves nine”.

Source: GNA


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