In furtherance of its long-standing pledge to conserve the environment, the Meridian Ports Services Limited (MPS), has embarked on a massive tree planting exercise along the Tema Beach Road, the site for the Tema Port Expansion Project.

The main objective of the exercise was to contribute to the sustainability of the environment and beautify the environment. Hundreds of staff members joined the exercise on Saturday 8th April 2017.

The CEO of MPS, Mohamed Samara, announced that this initiative is to plant one tree by each employee, and the aim is to hold it for several years to come.

“At MPS, we believe in the sustainability of life. This is the best way to sustain life for the generations to come.  Apart from sustaining life, we are looking at the beautification of the marine area to boost our tourist potential as a nation.” Mr. Samara said.

The HSSE Manager, Solomon Forson, also stated that, the company will soon phase out the use of fluorescent and incandescent lights for LED lights which are accepted globally as eco- friendly.

MPS has instituted various policies to contribute to the global effort of alleviating the harsh effects of climate change and global warming, and contribute to the campaign for a greener, cleaner earth.

MPS currently operates a waste segregation policy, and has significant activities to combat air pollution and conserve energy.

In all, a total of 400 coconut seedlings tree species were planted. The coconut species are known for their ability to withstand dry weather conditions and strong winds, and the trees will also help balance the ecosystem in the new Terminal.