Malaria is spread between people by infected mosquitoes
Malaria is spread between people by infected mosquitoes

Bugs and mosquitoes which are reproducing and feeding in a stream of sewage have virtually imposed a dusk to dawn curfew on Community 11, one of the privileged communities in Tema.

According to the residents, the hitherto great outdoors of the community have been captured by the ever invading bugs and mosquitoes and stench from the sewage srream and they worry that an epidemic is eminent.

The sewage had collected in choked gutters,creating another environment for the insects, Madam Veronica Afful a resident said.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), she said the community had made a series of complaints to the Tema Metropolitan Assembly but such calls had not been heeded to.

Madam Afful like many of the residents expressed concern about the many cases of malaria reported in the area and called on the Assembly to as quickly as possible, desilt the gutters and fumigate the entire area to prevent the outbreak of diseases.

Mr Ebenezer Korku Suppey, Assembly Member of the area, responding to the concerns of the residents, said some steps had been taken previously to desilt and fumigate the gutters and deal with the unsanitary situation in the community.

The improper ways of disposing waste and the sheer indiscipline on the part of some of the residents had created the problem, he said.

According to him, “It takes behavioural change to resolve the problem, and a proper way of disposing rubbish after desilting is also a challenge. Over the time I have mobilized some of the youth in the community to clean up the gutters”

In spite of the conscious efforts to get the Tema Metropolitan Assembly to help remedy the situation, they were yet to respond to his numerous calls.

Mr Frank Asante, Public Relation Officer, Tema Metropolitan Assembly,(T.M.A), when contacted on the issue, he said the plight of the community had come to the Assembly`s notice.

According to him, the Metro Engineer would be contacted to assess the situtatiion and find a solution to it.


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