The Network of Communication Reporters (NCR) has lauded the telecom operators and their value added service (VAS) partners for surviving the power crisis and sustaining appreciable quality of service levels and maintaining their staff while other businesses close down and or sack workers.

wpid-tigo-mtn-zain-vodafone-glo-mobile-ghana-300x300.jpgA statement from the NCR, jointly signed by the Dean, Charles Benoni Okine and Liaison Officer Samuel Dowuona, noted that over the past three years, the NCA quality of service (QoS) reports showed telcos have been recording lesser QoS breaches despite the erratic power supply.

“It is also commendable that no telco has gone on any massive laying off of workers, and NCR checks reveal no telco has any immediate plans to lay off workers due to the ongoing power crisis popularly known as dumsor,” the statement said.

NCR noted that some telcos have reported huge expenses in 2014 alone as a result of the power crisis, and that could have warranted laying off of workers and or increases in tariffs, but the telcos have not done any of that yet.

“While we commend the telcos, we will also like to acknowledge the tenacity of the young mobile VAS providers, some of which reported spending not less than GHC10,000 every month on fuel to run generators to sustain their services to Ghanaians,” the statement said.

Equipment vendors and technology partners of the telcos also reported delays in installing equipment due to dumsor, but they had to work extra hours just to meet targets and sustain services to Ghanaians.

“It has not been an all smooth sail as some telcos continue to experience some outages in some areas across country but the telcos have largely braved the storm and that is laudable,” NCR said.

NCR believes that while telcos are held to strict key performance indicators and fined heavily when they miss those targets, the authorities will also be held responsible for their inability to resolve this seeming energy crisis crippling businesses including the telcos.
NCR also believes it would be fair for the regulator, the tax collector and government as a whole to consider the full impact of the power crisis on the telecom industry and find a way to compensate industry players in the form of tax rebates and or subsidies. This will help cover part of the huge loses they are incurring.


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