Members of the finance committee in parliament said, the finance minister had earlier given the course to believe that the increments for diesel won’t go beyond 3 percent and Petrol by 5 percent, but the current increments for both products which have reached 20 percent deflated the earlier assurance by the Finance minister.

wpid-seth-terkper-640x384.jpgThe MPs are very peeved over the whole development and hence are calling on the Ministry to explain to Parliament the reason behind the astronomic increment.

A Member of the Finance Committee in Parliament Mark Assibey Yeboah said the Minister for Finance must be made to face their wrath if it turns out that he indeed lied to parliament. he

“If he blatantly lied to Parliament, then there should be consequences. I expect the Ministry to be in talks with the NPA now to find out exactly how this new increase came.”

“27 percent at this time when crude oil prices is declining…I think is asking too much of Ghanaians,” retorted.



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