Last night, at the Stevenage Leisure Centre, in his sixth pro outing St Neots unbeaten teen star Tommy ?Da Gun? Martin dispatched his latest opponent, Luton?s Wagas Ahmed, in just one minute and fifty seconds of the first round.
Ahmed came off the blocks hard and fast, however the seriously talented Martin kept his cool, picking off the Luton man with ease as he charged in throwing big right hands.
New ImageHowever, after feeling the power of the teen?s shots, Ahmed soon changed to spoiling tactics, grabbing and holding at every opportunity, the only result being to stall the inevitable for a few extra seconds.
Martin used his superior ring craft to create an opening before throwing a powerful left, seemingly disorienting Ahmed, who confusingly turned his back and unsteadily headed towards his own corner.
Speaking earlier Martin?s promoter and manager Johnny Eames succinctly stated.
?Some people may thing that was too easy for Tommy, it probably was, the kid is a serious talent, he?s unbeaten in six in his first year as a pro and he?s still only nineteen years of age.
Tommy?s disappointed the other kid didn?t give him more of a fight, as he wanted to put in a real good performance tonight, as his sponsors Colin and Graham from Junction 17 Cars were ringside, but at the end of the day you can only fight who is in front of you.


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