TECNO, Africa’s leading smartphone brand is always at the fore of smartphone innovation.

From releasing markets slimmest smartphone with dual rear cameras to building the slimmest smartphone with the biggest battery capacity, TECNO is constantly making efforts to better its best with the release of each product.

The company has greeted 2017 with a beautiful new device in the TECNO L series called the TECNO L9 Plus.

The TECNO L Series is known for debuting markets most disruptive smartphone with high-end battery capacity annually.

In its usual form, the TECNO L9 Plus comes with a major advancement in battery technology.

It boasts an impressive 5000mAh battery capacity capable of providing over 72hrs nonstop power to the L9 Plus.

With a 5000mAh battery, there is very little you cannot run on your device.

In fact, you can enjoy over 24hrs of gaming, 30hrs of video playback, 40hrs of call and 200hrs of music playback.

On the L9 Plus, you can be rest assured that your fully charged device can cater for all your smartphone function needs without draining by midday.

If the L9 Plus holds a 5000mAh battery then, it must be very big and heavy right? No. Despite carrying such a huge battery on the inside, the TECNO L9 Plus is surprisingly only 4.5mm thin and in fact thinner than the high-ranking Phantom 6 Plus.

When you look at the TECNO L9 Plus, what you see is a simple smartphone with a classy finish; Impressively, the L9 Plus has a 6.0inch high definition screen that brings multimedia displays on the device to life.

This crystal clear display gives users a holistic entertainment experience when watching videos or playing high-resolution games.

There are other note-worthy features of the L9 Plus that you can only appreciate after using it.

Source: TECNO


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