The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), has issued a one-month ultimatum to the government to pay all salary arrears of teachers who have been validated. NAGRAT-Vice-President-Angel-CarbonuNAGRAT has said some agencies under the Ghana Education Service (GES) failed to perform their duties and are now being used by the government to delay the payment.

The Vice President of NAGRAT, Angel Karbonu, told Citi News, “I am disappointed that the Ghana Education Service would allow itself to be used as a pawn to delay the payment of duly validated teachers.” “The problem that led to the validation was created by the GES where agencies of the GES failed to transmit information that they have gathered on the ground to the headquarters for people to be paid. Therefore we are so shocked and disappointed that the GES is creating the impression that it has field work to do. How come they did not do the field work before now?,” he added. Angel Karbonu stated that the teacher unions, aggrieved by the delays in payment of salary arrears, would advise themselves if the issue is not addressed within a month. “For the unions, we are stating very clearly that we have reached our limit. If by the 30th of June, teachers who have been validated are not paid, we will advise ourselves,” Karbonu said.

Payment of salaries suspended Following claims that a number of the teachers in the country employed by the Ghana Education Service had presented fake certificates before their employment, the Audit Department and the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD), were tasked to validate the documents before any payments are made. However, the process was suspended on March 17, a break the Head of Compensation at the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Ahinakwa Quarshie, said will allow the Audit Department to issue a report on all anomalies that have resulted in the validation exercise.


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