A key NDC political advertisement running on television, features men described as teachers, extolling the virtues of the ?better Ghana? as far as teachers? welfare is concerned.


The claims made in the advertising have been discounted and denied by GNAT and NAGRAT, the mother unions of teachers in the country. The have described the advert as embarrassing, containing factual inaccuracies, mischievous representation, diabolic intentions and obnoxious.




The NDC government, if it has any sense of shame left, must be deeply embarrassed at this rebuff of their propaganda advertising so early in the political advertising season.


Ghanaians are indeed embarrassed at the daily barrage of propaganda, lies, false claims and spin from the NDC government.? The propaganda from the NDC government is endless. They claim their achievements in agriculture are unprecedented, yet in 2011, the growth rate of agriculture was less than in 2008.


They claim their achievements in industry are unprecedented. Yet the growth rate in industry in 2011 was less than in 2008, whilst the cedi?s calamitous fall show how fast we are becoming a nation of shopkeepers.


They claim their achievements in the roads sector have been unprecedented, yet on the busiest highway in this country, travellers spend hours just on the 30km stretch between Nsawam and Apedwa.


They claim their achievement on inflation (single digit) is unprecedented, yet prices or any goods or services over the last 3 years have gone up by triple digits.


They claim their achievements in macroeconomic stability are unprecedented. Yet Treasury bill rates, interest rates etc are all today going through the roof and the cedi has deteriorated by more than 77% in value to the dollar in just 3 years.


They claim their achievement in education as unprecedented. Yet BECE pass rates have fallen from 62% in 2008 to 40% in 2011.

The list goes on.


When the NDC government is not engaged in propaganda, then they are engaged in blame game.


In the last 3 years alone, the NDC government has blamed the NPP for earthquake hoax, gas shortages, petrol shortages, electricity blackouts, the fall of the cedi, Woyome pay outs, NDC party divisions (such as FONKAR and Communication team), rumours of President Mills death. The list goes on.

This strategy of governance by propaganda lies and blame game is taking governance to a new low in the 4th Republic.


The good people of Ghana must condemn it. They certainly deserve better.



Nana Akomea

Director of Communications



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