He said cabinet has approved a memo to allow TDC to be converted into a limited liability company.


Mr Abbey was speaking at a workers end of year durbar organized at the Assembly hall of the corporation in Tema.

According to him, the move implied that, the TDC can operate its real estate business within other regions within the country.

Hitherto the L.I that established the Corporation limited the TDC to Tema alone but with the new cabinet decision, the TDC will be allowed to extend its real estate business beyond Tema.

“We have been trying for a couple of years to convert this corporation into a limited liability company because we have exhausted all the lands allocated to us by government and this has limited our operations but I am happy to announce to you that cabinet has approved a memo to enable us register this organization as a limited liability company and this means we can operate in other jurisdictions outside Tema”

Mr Abbey noted that the name will also change from Tema Development Corporation to a more universal name.

He said with the new directive in place, the activities of the TDC will continue for many more years.

“TDC will no longer be seen as having a dead end but our operations will now be open ended and anywhere within the country that require our service, we can go and operate and replicate the Tema concept there” he added



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