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Tdc Boss To Stay Put Due To Good Work

Tema NDC

Richard Fiadmor addressing the media

The National Co-ordinating Council of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Tema has called for the immediate dismissal of the Managing Director of Tema Development Cooperation (TDC), Joe Abbey.

The party is fully convinced that the TDC had completely shirked its responsibility in relation to the handling of the massive demolition exercise in Tema, according to the NDC?s council.

Members of the council appealed to President John Dramani Mahama to dismiss the TDC MD.

Richard Fiadmor, Secretary of the Tema NDC Co-ordinating, addressing a news conference at Promise Land, near Adjie-Kojo in the Tema West Constituency, where TDC was said to have demolished 136 houses, alleged that under the leadership of Mr. Abbey, all greenbelts in Tema had been sold.

It claimed that Mr Abbey had also superintended over the sale of all recreational centres in Tema.

?Can we say without any fear of contradiction that these scenarios have been occasioned by corruption of TDC staff, especially the Taskforce? Against this background, we are asking the President to unconditionally sack the Managing Director of TDC for his ineptitude and inefficiencies at TDC,? he noted.

He could not fathom why the TDC collected monies from the affected persons which emboldened them to develop the land.

According to him, ?We, as a party, cannot sit aloof for such an exercise, which has the potential to generate massive backlash for the Government, to go without comment.

?As a party, we have restrained ourselves in questioning the ineptitude of the Managing Director and today we are saying enough, the President should sack him without delay.

Since Tuesday, the taskforce of TDC has demolished over 100 houses in the area with bulldozers under the supervision of a combined team military and police personnel.

Many residents have been rendered homeless as a result of the exercise, and there could be an outbreak of diseases such as Malaria.

From Vincent Kubi, Tema


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